Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Wow! Another week in Taiwan!!!!
I'm sorry, I have so little time:( My stories will all have to be very brief this week!!! And super scattered! Don't hate me! I promise I am alive and well!
The night market has the best fruit and veggies!

Baptism this week.

This is the church in Zhongli.
WE were blessed with 5 new investigators this week and 1 baptism on saturday!! His name is Xie Hao Zhe. He almost didn't come to his confirmation at church yestereday...that was scary..but then he did so now he's a member!! Sheesh!

The bathrooms are sketchy as heck.

There is a beautiful park where we go hard with the Elders in basketball some mornings. SO FUN! 

It's rained every single day since I got here!!!

Emma's companion Sister K. from Hawaii.

The night market, and Em said the produce is awesome!
We had a dinner appointment with a non member. She was soooo cute! WE ate pig feet...and she wouldn't let us leave till WE ATE IT ALL!!! It was the worst!!!!!!! Bless her heart;) She also made us these beautiful little cake things. but sadly...they were probably the worst tasting thing I've ever had in my life. Taiwan really does have amzing food! Those were just really bad...hahah

English class is every wednesday! WE teach the kids and they are adorable:) super rowdy, but darling.

We found the cutest family and young girl on saturday night!!! WE are meeting with them later and I am so pumped. The Lord has truly blessed us and guides us everyday to the people who are looking for us too:)

Every Weds. night Emma and her companion teach English to these cute kids!
My bike finally came! It's the best thing ever. I missed biking so much:) It's pretty crazy though. There are basically no traffic rules and it's a battle for your life every time you hit the roads. It's a thrill and I love it;) 

WE went contacting last night and It was awesome! Got a new investigator:) We also had a guy ask us if we had boyfriends..then he told us we were beautiful...bless him. He needs Jesus. I was just super excited that I could understand what he said!! but yes we do meet some intersting people. 

Our dryer broke this week and I FIXED IT LIKE A BOSS!
#wifeme #postmish
This week was incredible and the Lord is watching over us.
I love you so much!!! 

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