Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Taiwan I Love You So Much!

No worries Grandma G!  This was a service day and they were helping paint someones home:)
Ok this is a disclaimer...I forgot to bring my journal with me to the internet cafe that has all my weekly things I have to email in it!!! So I'll try to remember everything the best I can:)

Early every morning the Sister's meet up with the Elder's for a little basketball for their exercise.
Monday we went on a day trip to Yinge! It's this little town chuck full of little stores full of asian dongxi. :) 

Headed to an appt. in Zhongli.
The Lord has blessed us so much this week!! so many miracles. One of our great progressing investigators, Jia dx, has been too scared to set a baptismal date with us, and then out of the blue in our lesson this week he said he wants to be baptised April 23rd...WHAT?! He is so awesome, I know Heavenly Father will personally testify truth to us if we just ask:)

Streets of Zhongli.
Next our other investigator Zhuang dx also set his baptismal date! He is the biggest sweetheart, He just needs to stop baibaiing..hahaha This is when people worship their ancestors. But the best thing ever...he wanted to show us his shrine he has for his mom when he baibai's. Right next he made a shrine for us..ummm ya... it is made out of all of our pamphlets we have given him..:) Oh boy. I'll try to snatch a pic next time;) He's so golden, just gotta straighten out some stuff and he'll be great:)

A happy lunch for Sister Clawson!!  Sushi!
We also have a fantastic new investigator!!! her name is Lynn:) and we have known her for a while..cause she was the elders investigator...but they never asked her where she lived...this week we found out that she actually lives in our area....YES!!!!! We love her so much andshe gets baptized in 2 weeks:) these people truly are amazing.

No idea what the story is behind these pics, but I think she's cute!
WE had the chance to go on splits this week with the STLS and it was awesome! I Learned so much and love them to death. we've got so many prepared people, and the Lord is helping us find even more. sorry No time this week!!!! AGGGHHHHH. I love you all so much:)
I love taiwan. I love taiwanese people.
Heavenly Father loves us!

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