Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Adventures and Miracles In Taiwan

July 3, 2016 email

Emma and Sister Hughes were able to return to Zhongli this week to see Willie be baptized!!!  Emma and Sister Komatsu found Willie the second week Emma was in Taiwan and now he's a member:)  Such a great day!
What a super duper awesome week!! I am so grateful to be here in Taiwan. It's such a special place! WE will start off with last Pday! Sister Hughes and I decided that we wanted to go on an adventure. We heard of a majestic waterfall up some hidden canyon so we jumped on  a bus and hoped for the best! It turned out to be the most beautiful place!!! It's called Wulai. This little village in the mountains! We walked a ways up and then BAM! This super duper amazing waterfall! It was beautiful. We found lots of cool asian trinkets and ate weiner on a stick with some friends that we made. The miracle part was that we even made it back before proselyting time:)

Waterfall in Wulai.

Later Monday night we did our usual hour of english boarding by the hospital. Everything was going as normal until this kid came up to me and asked me in chinese, "Are you american?" I replied, "yes!" and then he FREAKED OUT!!!!!!!!! I don't know what he was saying but he was yelling, and EVERYONE was staring!!! I was gonna poop my pants! Luckily Elder Dong is an angel and got after him and literally saved my life..
Pretty sure the guy was special in the head.. but it was still the worst! Elder Dong is The district Mom. I'm so grateful he helped a sister out! Dong mama for President.

This is Elder Roe (the Elder in the middle)  from Cache Valley too! He and Emma went to Mountain Crest High School together.  He is home now.

The rain made Emma look as if she's a nursing mother:)  Sorry, but I just think Em is so much fun!
This week was truly amazing. We are finally starting to find those who are really prepared! the Lord loves us so much and ALWAYS will help us have success. We just have to be obedient and patient. I'm not super good at either of those...
I'm super good at being obedient, but patience is something that I definitely lack in!!

Another miracle from this week was that our investigator Ji Pei De was able to come to church with us and the investigator fireside last night!!!!!!!!!! AGH! He is so dang awesome. He never fail to amaze us with his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. This week we will be sharing with him Tithing. Oh man I am SO NERVOUS! He really loves money. He is the hardest worker I've ever met and is already balancing 2 jobs right now! Pray that he will have the faith to keep this commandment and understand the intense amount of blessings that he'll receive from obeying God:) We love him to death! I have a green CTR ring that he just loves. I told him when he gets baptized I'll buy him one. He was pumped. :)

Willie's baptism.
Another massive miracle from the week was in Zhongli!!!!!!! I had the chance to go back to my birth home of Zhongli and watch my investigator Willy get baptized!!!!!!!! It was such a cool experience. He has changed so much and its been cool to watch him from the very beginning! I met him my 2nd week in Taiwan. We had know idea where to go, so we prayed, opened our eyes, pointed left, knocked on a door, and it was him:) He is so dang awesome! It was so special to go back to Zhongli this week. I didn't think I'd made much of an impact in Zhongli but it was crazy to see friends, and members again. They actually like me! 
Taiwan is so great. Here are some fun facts and special moments from the week.\
-we were praying in the elevator nun style (hands clapped together) and then some people walked in...but we weren't done...awkward;)
-my english class is so dang shy its hilarious. My personality is SO different than taiwanese:)
-My brain is pooped everyday. 
-we might be kicked out of our apartment next week!
-Moving to a foreign country makes you have super intense American Pride.
-I saw a spider as big as a softball this week and almost threw up!
-I got a fungus on my wrist because it could never stay dry cause I always have my watch on....but now its better;)

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