Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Cockroaches Are Of The DEVIL!

July 24, 2016 letter

Sister Clawson and Sister Eyre!!  
Muzha is such a fun dang place to be:) I feel bad, I've been in Muzha for about half the time I was in Zhongli, but know it like 20x better! It's my home:) I love the streets, the people, the members, all of it! What a wonderful place to be.

This week was a blast. Such a busy week! Sister Eyre and I are getting crud DONE! We are on fire. Well she is on fire. She is honestly the best:) She makes me laugh so much everyday, tells me great stories, and tells me about all the amazing food in Irvine California that apparently I've been missing out on! Mom! We have to go and visit Irvine. It sounds like a wonderful place:) This week we had a fun day of contacting....;) It was a beautiful wednesday morning and we woke up, exercised, and then started studies. By the time studies were over the clouds were looking a bit ominous... but nothing stops us from preaching the gospel DANG IT! So we jumped on our trusty steads and headed out! First it started to trickle, then rain, then DUMP LIKE NOBODIES BUSINESS. Like it was a full on waterfall for a solid few hours......instant shower. It was hilarious:) But out of tribulation comes blessings! The nicest guy pulled up on his scooter and was like, "What the heck are these white girls doing?" We prayed with him, shared a message and set up with him! Heavenly Father will always watch over us and bring us success!!

Contacting on the streets of Muzha!
Thursday and Friday we went to Yonghe on exchanges. It was so much fun! I always learn so much:) My comp was sister Hadley. She is adorable and absolutely NUTS! She is so fun with people on the street and helps them instantly laugh and feel comfortable. I need to be a bit more humble, forget my pride and loosen up! 
Friday our ward put on a concert for everyone. It was so fun! We brought our investigators and they loved it. Elder Sessions played the cello...LIKE A CHAMP!! I was so surprised! He did awesome. Some other members sang All I Ask of You from Phantom of the Opera..;)
A little #sacramentpaparazzi.  Phantom Of The Opera:)
It was really good. And hilarious. Just picture Taiwanese people that can't really speak english singing that and you'll understand what I mean:)

English lessons!
I also just want to take a hot minute and talk about how important it is to listen to the Holy Ghost!! Cool experience this week. We were on exchanges in Yonghe and I saw this dude drive past on a scooter. I thought he was cool because he had a Lego shirt on:) Anyways, I walked around the corner and he was getting off his scooter, we were on dinner break so I just acknowledged the coolness of his shirt and kept walking. THEN, I got the biggest prompting to go and talk to him more. I was like, "really Holy Ghost? really? OK." So I went and struck up a conversation with him and asked him where he lives.
Guess what he said?

He's the coolest guy ever:) Firefighter in Muzha chilling out in Yonghe with some friends:)

Cute Sister Eyre is on FIRE!

This week really has been so busy and full of miracles. Ji pei De was able to come to church! We met the most prepared woman in Englsih class! Sister Eyres bike came! Our member made us tomato juice! (not really a miracle...just trying to be positive because it was really gross..haha) Met a family to teach! I'm healthy! ya. we are blessed.

Last great story of the week:)
this was awesome.
So the other night, Sister Eyre and I had just gotten home for the night and we about to start our daily planning session, but first Sister Eyre had to run to the bathroom. I was laying down on the floor, completely pooped when I heard the most loud, blood curdling scream of my entire life. Then sister Eyre books it out of the bathroom!!!! There was a MASSIVE cockroach in the bathroom. And she was trying to go and make me kill it!!! Those things seriously scare the crap out of me....they are huge. and nasty. and huge. and nasty... But I had to pull up my panties and kill the sucker. I armed myself and jumped in the bathroom, terrified out of my wits. I couldn't find him for a few seconds, but then I spotted the sucker.He was chilling on the inside door frame. I did some quick thinking, and realized that if I slammed the door as hard as I could I could kill him. i grabbed the door and SLAMMED IT SHUT!
bad/good idea...

I killed the cockroach alright, but it exploded everywhere. Like so much guts and legs and antanas....then we had to scrape him up and throw him away.....It was awful.
The end. 

Taiwan is crazy. Love you fam:) 

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