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Training and Stuffffffff

July 17, 2016 email

Gondola ride to Maokong Gondola with the district!

Elder Session and Elder Dong I think:)

Glass bottom gondola ride.  Pretty trees down below.
Holy crud the past few days have been pretty dang crazy. That's all I have to say. This past wednesday for Pday we went to the Maokong Gondola and explore hidden mountain temples and took lots of really awesome pictures!!! It was super duper pretty. Afterwards we headed to the mission home for temple day! we went to the last session and it was awesome. I absolutely love the temple! It's SO hard to stay awake though! I'm like, what do you expect?! Take a bunch of missionaries who are used to walking and biking in the heat of the day, completely drained, and stick them in a nice air conditioned room with the most comfortable chairs ever, turn off all the lights, and then watch a movie..OK! It was so dang great though. I successfully stayed awake! After our temple session was over we all went over to the Jergensens house for homemade waffles and bananas:) So dang yummy! It was fun to be there and talk to all the other missionaries for a minute. The Worst part was saying bye to Elder Roe! My Cache valley buddy has left me! But the good news that Elder Hansen from Cache Valley took his spot as the new AP!! hahahahh YES! It's fun to have old friends here and to keep making new friends everyday.

The Mountain Crest High School crew!  All these kids are from Cache Valley!  Elder Roe the elder in the middle with the green tie headed home this week.  
Thursday!! Oh man. Trainer Trainee meeting! I was pooping my pants. All of the Terrible feelings and stress that I had the first day of being on island all come back x1000! We have 8 new missionaries this transfer! They are all so fantastic and I'm so excited for all of them! We had some trainings, ate lunch together and then got separated into companionships. Holy cow. I literally almost threw up I got so nervous. It was like even worse than when I was the one finding out who my trainer was! 

English class.

Saying goodbye to Sister Hughes!!!!  She will be missed!!
But all is well now.

Because my trainee is LEGIT! 
Her name is Sister Eyre from California and basically she is awesome and I love her a lot. She is seriously Hilarious and we are getting work done and having lots of fun too! she was SO jet lagged the first night but still killed it in our lesson! She is such an awesome example and is already a fantastic missionary! She's gonna change lives. 

Emma and Sister Eyre with the movers.

New apartment with A/C!!!

Friday was absolutely crazy. WE MOVED INTO OUR NEW APARTMENT! The whole week has been so busy though we haven't had any time to pack anything up!! So friday was dedicated to packing and then us, 2 hard core moving guys, and the Elders getting all of our stuff out of the old apartment and into the new one! It literally took days and we were all soaked by the end. ONe of the movers told me he was impressed with my muscles..;) hahaha. 

OUr new apartment is still cluttered with stuff everywhere but we are excited to be there and to finally have AC!!!!! #christmasmiracle.

Emma and Sister Munsee!!!  Her family moved in with their grandparents who are our neighbors right after Emma left on her mission.  They've been writing back and forth for a few months, and they finally met in person!!  YAY!
OUr first night Sister Eyre almost died cause she thought she saw a cockroach and then in the middle of the night she started telling me the First Vision in chinese;) She's so dedicated:) hahaha it was the best. I love her guts! The rest of the week we had lessons, finding, temple tours, ward FHE, and a ton of miracles:) The best on was last night when we were riding our bikes home. we pulled off by this girl wearing overalls. we prayed with her, shared with her, and told her a little about the happiness we can have through our savior Jesus Christ. She was touched and set a baptismal date with us! Miracles happen ever day. I'm so eternally grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Cause lets be real. I suck! And don't even know what I'm doing! But I know Christ can help me learn and change. 

Goodbyes for Sister Hughes!

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