Saturday, February 27, 2016

Lose Yourself In The Work, Right?

This is Sister Clawson's ALL Chinese name tag!  It's getting official folks!
One more week down! Wow. Time is so weird. I feel like I've been here forever, I feel like I just got here, I feel like I'm not learning anything, holy crap I've learned so much, I feel like this week has been a year, oh my gosh it's already sunday?! MAN! I'm pretty sure I'm losing my mind a little bit") But hey, They say you're supposed to lose yourself in the work right? So I guess that's what I'm doing! Hahaha:)

This is Emma and her favorite Abby!!!  Sister Maughan is a favorite friend from just down the road:)  Emma and Abby have grown up their entire lives together.  Abby is headed to Ohio!!  Wahoo!!
This week we got more new missionaries!!! Three sisters and 7 elders! All of them are going to Taipei except for 2 of them so we are stoked! They are a bunch of awesome kids and I love there guts so much. We won't get to be with them for very long, so it's exciting that we will get to see them in Taiwan again! 
Also Abby Maughn joined the ranks this week!!! She is so cute:) I love her guts. She just shines! she's gonna be the greatest missionary, it's so fun to get to see her here;)
This is Emma's companionship and all the new missionaries going to Taipei!!  They just got to the MTC this week, and will traveling to Taipei 6 weeks after Emma's group:)

This week was as exciting as life can get in the MTC. :) We gave a killer lesson yesterday so I'm still super duper pumped about it! My chinese is still pretty rough, and probably will be for at least 8 more months...but no worries! I've got the Lord on my side. 
I don't have any long stories this week, just lots of little fun tidbits that happened throughout the week;) 
First off, I've been having lots of dreams. All sorts of them! They are in english, chinese, and they take place everywhere. At home, the mtc, snowbasin, one of them was hawaii. It's just been crazy. The funny part is that it's been so long since I've had dreams that every time I wake up from one I think I'm at home. Then It takes me a minute to realize that I'm not...then I get a little sad...shake it off..and then fall back asleep:)

The weather has also been KILLER nice this week! I haven't worn tights in days! Man, it's awesome. All the sisters in my district, during some additional study time we had, went outside and we went around and read a chapter from the Book of Mormon in Chinese. It's really helpful for us to get better at tones and translating! It was SO FUN! 

One of my companions, Sister Money, got her travel plans last friday! She's only got like 5 days...Then It will just be me and Sister Apsley for a week! We are sad to see her go. I've been so blessed to have the greatest companions at the MTC and have grown the greatest friendship with them. I love their guts! Sister Money you're gonna kill it in Canada!!!!

This week...I made a grown man cry...
My teacher Li Laoshi is awesome. Except he scares the CRAP out of me and it's been affecting my teaching. He's also my "investigator" So Every lesson we go into I'm more concerned about pleasing Li Laoshi than doing my best and pleasing the Lord. I DON'T want this attitude! So, saturday during personal coaching we had a "come to jesus" moment. I told him basically that I loved him, and he's been helping me so much, but I'm so terrified of failing him and am afraid of him being upset..
He cried.
And I felt awful.
He said he was very grateful I told him, and gave me some fantastic advice and encouragement. But I still just felt so dang bad cause this 24 year old dude is crying!!! Oh well, my teaching has gotten better.  ps thank you so much for the package you sent this week:)

I have so much Candy, chocolate, and goodies from everyone that I've piled up over the past 2 I'm pretty sure I've got 30 pounds of candies..I'll have to pass that along when I leave, cause I've got no suitcase room as it is!!!! 
This sunday, we had the weirdest devotional of all time.....I can't remember her name....but I know she taught at byu.....basically it was like being in a college class for an hour...she had a slide show, but I'm still not quite sure what it was about.. She was a bit scattered. At the very end her husband spoke for about 3 minutes and that's where I really got some good stuff:) hahaha. He didn't say much but what he did say was powerful. He said on his mission he was a shy guy, but he said, "If you don't have self confidence, always remember you have Christ's confidence." Wow. That. Was. Perfect! It's so easy to not feel adequate on our missions, but we ALWAYS have the confidence of Christ with us!
Sunday night, our favorite cantonese missionaries left for Hong Kong. They will be greatly missed, It's sad cause I probably will NEVER see them again.. Thank Heavens for the after life:)

Emma's group and their FAVORITE choir director!!
Monday Morning I was reading in Jesus the Christ and found this awesome awesome awesome section. I've really just been craving good food and missing home cooked meals and what not, and then I read this. It was on the Word of Wisdom. "We believe in enjoying good food. We believe that these good things are given us of God. WE believe in getting all the enjoyment out of eating that we can; and therefore we should avoid gluttony;and we should avoid extremes in all our habits of eating."


I just thought that was awesome. The end:)

This week my farts have also been pretty awful...Like rank. My companions probably won't have the sense of smell and will most likely be blind by the time we leave the MTC.. pray for them. Pray for my bodily functions. 

TRC this week we taught a boy from Taiwan that's going to school at BYUI. Oh man, he was a special one that's for sure. We got on skype and had been talking to him for not even two minutes, trying to learn more about him and then he just stops and says, "OK, whats your message your going to share." Alright bruh. We didn't want to get to know you anyway! So we gave him our message about prayer and how we can receive comfort and answers through it. I asked him some concerns he had in his life right now. He said midterms:) So we helped him out and told him that God will help us in all aspects of life. Even midterms! He was great. ha. I prayed for him and his midterms at the end. Then I prayed for him to get a better attitude as well..but that part was in my head;)

Last night for devotional we had Rosemary Wixom come!! The Primary General President! She did a fantastic job and we got to sing all sorts of primary songs:) I forgot so many of them!! Primary songs are the best. :)
Emma's favorite hammock made an appearance:)  It was a hit!
Before we went to bed last night, I decided I would let my roomies get a little bit better of a taste of Sister Clawson, and what I'm all about. So I pulled out my hammock and strung it up between our bunk beds and let them all try it out. It was a hit. I'm officially the coolest person ever. They all wanted a gazillion pics of them in it and it cracked me up;) I also wore my chacos today for pday. I can still be me and be a missionary:) yay. 

I love you guys sooooo much. Thanks for being the greatest.

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