Sunday, February 14, 2016

MTC Field Trips For The Win!

Emma and Sister S.  I think this may have been on the "Field Trip" Emma had to the eye Dr. this week.  
Ok so I have a serious question to start off with this week. 

is Enya back?!!!! 
My companion told me that a month or so before we left on our missions she apparently released a new this true?! oh man oh man. Enya is so awesome. I love her so much. What I would give to here her sweet sweet voice while I'm in the MTC. 

Lesson study.
This week was another usual week living that MTC dream!! I really am sorry if the email is lacking this week....Everything is SO ridiculously busy, but all the same!! Every week, its the same. Class, teach, class, eat, class. Oh man..I can't wait to get to taiwan:)

After all the classes and lessons the girls get to help some sisters pack to leave the MTC for Taiwan!
One truly awesome thing did happen this week. I will remember it for the rest of my life because it truly rocked my world.
My evening teacher shared her conversion story with us at the end of the night this week. Her name is Guo laoshi and she is originally from Macau. She met the missionaries when she was 12. They taught her for 4 years..she never would commit but they never gave up on her. One day she was at home, alone, lying in bed, sicker than she had ever been before. She tried calling all of her family but nobody would answer. she didn't know what to do and thought that she was going to die there all alone. Right at that moment she remembered something that the missionaries taught her. They taught  her how to pray. That was her first time every praying. She said she completely poured out her heart to her Heavenly Father, asking for help and comfort. After she finished her prayer she was overcome with the most overwhelming feeling she's ever felt in her life. She slept for the whole day and woke up, healed. She called the missionaries that morning and they set up a baptismal date. 
Holy cow.
We were all a hot mess after she shared this story.
I cry SO much at the MTC it's stupid. Good tears mostly;)

Emma with her companions and her favorite friend Elder Johnson!!  Emma and Andrew were tennis, orchestra, and prom buddies.  Elder Johnson is headed to Paris!!  Fun to see friends at the MTC.
This story just really made me realize why I am here. I was so concerned about getting to Taiwan and not seeing immediate results and progression with investigators. The Lord has a plan. For all of us. If I work my hardest and help invite the spirit to touch peoples hearts they will act. Even if I don't get to be the missionary to see it, I can help plant a seed in their heart. Man this gospel is the greatest thing in the world.

Hot chocolate and tea delivery every night!
I also want to give a shout out to my Uncle Dave:) thank you for the best donuts in the entire world! I literally at a row... and it was the most amazing thing of my entire life. I always try to convince myself that I don't like donuts...but it is a LIE. a filthy LIE. I love them so much. SO MUCH. And I caved hard the other night and ate THEM ALL!! Uncle Dave, here's to you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most delicious Krispy Kreme donuts I've ever beheld. 

I went to the eye doctor this week and got to go on a little bit of a field trip! to the outside world! man it was so great. It's still there! There really is more to life than the MTC walls! It's a miracle:)

Anyways, they have shuttles that take you to and from appointments and whatnot, after we were all done at the doctor, we called for a shuttle to come and pick us up. A big black van showed up and we were about to jump in and I thought in my head, "you know, what if this guy ISN'T from the mtc?" I mean it would be so easy! someone who know's how the mtc works could easily pick up a bunch of cute girls and kidnap them! so I asked him before we jumped in, "hey! Are you from the MTC?" 
he replies, "Yes."
 I say, "really? Are you lying to me?"
he says, "No! I am from the MTC."
My response, "Ok. Well, if you are lying you're going straight to hell."

apparently he's never been told that before.....he was dying laughing for a solid 5 minutes..:)
Glad I could make his day:) We had a good talk on the way back and are great friends now:) His name is Max. He's going to BYU, lives off campus with his wife, and is graduating in nursing, but his dream is to own Realestate. hmmm. bless his heart:) He was a nice guy. MTC FIELD TRIPS FOR THE WIN.

Emma and her companions and a sweet couple in their branch presidency.  
Our devotionals this week were fantastic! Sunday night was Jenny Oaks Baker!!!! say what?! she had a whole little production set up and played music with her family:) Totally reminded me of he Vontrap Family singers! (Emma LOVES Jenny Oaks Baker.  She's a violinist just like Emma!Here's a link to a song she plays with Condoleezza Rice.)

Last night we had choir!!!! yes:) it's the best thing in the world. AND get this, the choir director hinted to us that we should FILL ALL the choir seat next week..cause it's gonna be big...oh boy! I wonder who will come?! I'll let you know next week;)

Look at that festive room!
Edward Dube of the seventy came last night and it was fantastic. That's one nice thing about being here for so long, I get to hear all these KILLER SPEAKERS!! so that's about it for the week. Taking one day at a time, only 3 more pday emails till I'll be in Taiwan!!! 
Thanks to everyone who's sent me awesome packages and letters and prayers. you don't even know how much it brightens my day:) 

family. Mostly Jake and Seth. Why you no write me>?????!!!! 
im the favorite sister after jane! I hope school is going good and I love you guys so much:)
Seester Clawson

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