Thursday, February 18, 2016

#Beizhufu (#Blessed)

Emma and Sister Moffet!!!  One of Em's favorite people, AND one of the best baker's we ever had at Great Harvest Logan.  When Ally was our baker, we won the Best Bread Award for ALL of Great Harvest at our annual convention.  She's a keeper, and she is headed to Sacramento CA:)
Wow! Another week at the MTC. Check! So this was our first official whole week as Sister Training Leaders. Holy cats. Girls. That's all I have to say.. Girls. We interviewed and talked with all of them and now I hope to have only sons in my future family.. hahaha jkjk it was actually super duper awesome to get to know all the girls on a deeper level and learn about how we can help them:)  I'm blessed with two awesome companions that help me with everything and we know how to get work DONE! Unless we start singing the Sound of Music..then it usually takes us a few minutes to get focused again..shhh. 

Emma's group.  
This week has been stressful. The language is coming, but extremely slowly. I'm terrified, but I know that the Lord will never leave me hanging. EVER. I'll keep trying my hardest. I've also been struggling on connecting with my investigators. Man! I want people so badly to want this gospel!!! But sometimes people are just content with life!!! All one of my investigators every says to anything we share with him is, "wei shen me?" which means "Why?" and of course I'm just thinking in my head, "because it's FLIPPING awesome thats why!!" But sadly that approach doesn't work. pray for me. Pray for my chinese. 

This is the Sharing of the Valentines treat night.  
This week one of my companions had to go to physical therapy. So me and Sister Apsley were just chilling, studying, and making friends as they walked in. A lady came up to us and gave us 20 dollars.....We told her we couldn't take it but she told us that the missionaries changed her life, and she's eternally grateful for us and our service. Wow. Talk about an angel sent from god. #beizhufu
(that means #Blessed) But really though, that woman touched my heart.

Exceedingly frightening pic!!  Emma removing her mask:)
Sister Menzies mom sent us some fun face masks:) So that was an awesome stress reliever this week! We all got valentines day packages full of chocolate and goodies. So we put our loot in the middle of the room, put on face masks and ate chocolate before we went to bed:) It was great. the face masks felt and looked kind of like dried elmers glue..but now my skin is oh so soft and supple. :) Thanks to everyone who sent such awesome V-day packages!!! It made my week;)

Sunday was great! Our film this week we decided to go and watch the Testaments. In Mandarin....OH boy..It started and my first thoughts were these. "Oh my gosh. I have learned NOTHING." But then they said the word Book of Mormon and I knew it wasn't right...Turns out it was in Cantonese...HA! ya, I changed that real swiftly. Then I could actually understand some of it:)

Wall of LOVE!
Monday was our first Skype TRC! So TRC is basically visiting teaching with members. We shared our message with a sister from Taiwan!!! Her name was Tsai Jiemei and she was wonderful. Her husband is the whitest guy I've ever seen from Utah and they are just living the dream in Taiwan! TRC is the greatest:)

Last night we were blessed to hear from Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the quorum of the 12!!!! Wow. Talk about inspiring. He spoke all about the process of calling missionaries. I had goose bumps the whole time it was so cool. These men are called of God and know PERFECTLY where each of us is supposed to serve:) The Lord knows us better than we know ourselves and works through our Prophet and his Apostles to assign us EXACTLY where we need to go. It was an amazing talk and I know more than ever that Taiwan is exactly where I'm supposed to be:) If only I could just get out of the mtc fast enough!!haha jkjkj lol

Emma's favorite picture of the week.  They titled it, "Called To Swerve!"  To get into the MTC cafeteria, missionaries must be in their Sunday clothes.  Since the girls exercise after breakfast they go through the sack breakfast line and eat in the halls.  Emma actually likes sack brekky best.
Wo zhidao zhege fuyin shi zhenshi!
Tonguo yesu jidu de shuzui women keyi huigai women de zui.
Wo zhidao Yuese Simi fan yi Mo'ermenjing.
Wo zhidao Mo'ermenjing shi Shen de hua.
Tonguo Mo'erminjing he qidao women keyi ganjue Shen de ai.
Wo ai Shen he Yesu Jidu he Shengling!
Feng yesu jidu de ming amen.
(This is Emma's testimony in Chinese!  So proud, and I'm sure it says wonderful things, but I don't speak or read Chinese, and James is nowhere to be found!)

Zai Jian till next week!

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  1. Here's what she said in Chinese, instead of romanization:


    And in English, it is:

    I know this Gospel is true!
    Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ we can repent of our sins.
    I know that Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon.
    I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.
    Through the Book of Mormon and prayer we can feel God's love.
    I love God and Jesus and the Holy Ghost.
    In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.