Friday, January 29, 2016

Where Is Jane?!

All the Taipei sisters and the Teng's.  He is the branch president.

This week was as exciting as it can get in the MTC! Did a little bit of sitting, studying, eating, and then hard core gym time for 45 minutes a day. THE END! No, but really it has been a pretty fun week. 

to start this off we need to talk about something. So every Wednesday for P-day we go to the temple in the morning. It's fantastic and we always get breakfast in the cafeteria after. The have this has been dubbed, The Temple Quiche. Basically it's the most fantastic thing I've tasted and the only reason I'm still staying at the MTC. jkjkjkjk:) I'm staying because I love the Lord and want to help people realize all the amazing things they are missing out on!! But on the real. This temple quiche makes our hearts sing, AND an Italian lady always serves it to us so it makes it even cooler.

I finally got to see Spencer!!! I didn't see him last wednesday when he came in but I did on thursday! He was walking out of the cafeteria and I FREAKED OUT! He got so scared that I was gonna hug him he ran behind his companion and said, " whoa emma! you can't hug me!" gotta love that kid;) It's super fun to see him here and there. He's so flipping lucky he gets to leave next week....

This week I got another realization of just how AWESOME my district is! The Elders gave my companion a blessing of comfort this week and it was just fantastic. They are the greatest boys and I just wanted to hug them all so bad!! Our teachers also just keep getting better and better. Li Laoshi never ceases to amaze me...but I wish me and my companion could get through to him better when he play as our investigator! Lessons can be hecka frustrating sometimes! But, we are here to learn. We can do this thing!! Our other teacher Guo Laoshi is also growing on me:) She's loosening up a bit and actually smiles at me sometimes! Pretty neat huh?:)

CHOIR!!!  They love it!
We also made some awesome new friends this past week. The Cantonese district. I LOVE THEM. They are the nicest kids in the world and I flipping love their guts. There is this tiny little elder from texas that gives us mint kit kats everyday...#blessed. He's asian and literally probably only 4'9...He kills me!

Sunday we had a fantastic devotional! It was with Stephen B. Allen. He started off by saying, "I had a talk prepared, but the spirit is telling me something different for tonight, so here it goes!" He proceeded to talk about having your heart locked to the Lord and the work. It was fantastic:) But that was only a small portion of his talk.....the majority was about not flirting while you are on your mission and how you have to be worthy, morally worthy to be here..then he challenged everyone, if they had a problem, to go talk to their Branch President that night!! Wowzers. It kinda made me laugh... Elder C. won't even look at me anymore ....hahahhahhaahahahhhahahahahaha. 

Last night was another good devotional:) I seriously LIVE for sundays, tuesdays, and choir:) Choir is the best thing in the entire world. We sang "Hurrah for Israel" Such a cool song. Then we watched a few clips from The Other Side of Heaven and it made me cry. The mission has made me the BIGGEST baby in the whole world... and it's only been 3 weeks!

maybe don't put the following up on the blog, but I've woken up in the middle of the night a bunch this week in a panic thinking, "Where is jane?!" man, It's awful. Just make sure she doesn't drown in Lake powell or anything...i love you guys!!!! and I miss you and you BETTER all be here when i get back.

Oh my gosh....another funny story...

This elder just headed out to Taiwan this week.  
So the other night it was a little past midnight and we were all awaken to Sister Apsley screaming! "Ow! Ow! ow ow ow ow it hurts, oh my gosh it hurts so bad!!!" Like this girl was screaming bloody murder...I thought someone was knifing her in her sleep... I figured she was having a calf cramp.... because it's the most pain I've ever been in and it sounded similar. So I was like, "sister apsley! Are you having a calf cramp?"
"Grab your big toe, stretch out your calf and start massaging it out!"
"ok ok ok."
sister apsley, "Oh my gosh. How did that work??"
everyone falls back asleep.

Next morning. We all got up and grabbed some breakfast and headed back to our room. We ate and were getting dressed and I remembered the events from the night. I asked sis apsley, "Sister Apsley! Did your calf cramp go away?" her face said it all....completely blank. She said, "what are you talking about?" bahbhahahbhbhahabhabhabhahbhah we all died laughing. She had no idea it had even happened..!!!!! she's hilarious:) Here's also a quote from her this week.. 
"The MTC-the good hell."    -Sister Apsley

That was about it for this week! This church is true and I know it more and more everyday!! 

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