Thursday, January 21, 2016

I Need Balance

Official name tag! 

Holy cats the MTC is super duper crazy. I feel bad because this email might not be super duper long because all the days are blending together and we basically do the same things all day. Everyday. Forever. :) 

First off thank you from the bottom of my heart for the packages you sent!! Smoothe move has been my saving grace and The dakota, fiber, and pumpkin bread have been a hit! The pumpkin bread was gone the day after I got it...I didn't get a slice... but its ok because the dakota and fiber are the key to my heart. Thank you also for the whitening strips, shirts, getting my bike crud all figured out for when I get to Taiwan. You are the absolute best. Speaking of Taiwan..have you heard anything about my Visa? They had me come down and sign something for it, but that's all I know..agh its probably all good:) I just don't want to have to be here longer than I already am!!!! hahaha. I haven't seen spencer yet but hopefully I will at dinner! I went out for a little bit to look for him but then I just started balling when I saw all the families dropping off there kids at this wretched place....! Ok, The MTC is amazing and the spirit is everywhere you go. I just have to live here for 7 more weeks..haha:) I see Chris Wengreen all the time and it makes my day! Just fun to see some more familiar faces. Kelsie came and visited me while I was in class last friday and I balled when I saw her! She gave me some of the best advice. She told me to just go all in. Both feet in the mission boat and this will change me life and lives of all the people I meet in Taiwan:) Cousins are the best. Speaking of cousins I see Brooke about once or twice a day! It's awesome to see her but it's sad cause we never get to talk. We are always busy doing things or running around with our district and just have enough time to cross paths, tell each other we love each other and then that's it! Sheesh! 
Emma and her companion.  
We also got a new teacher this week. Every classroom usually has 2 teachers. One for the afternoon and then one for the evening. Remember our investigator Cici? Well she's actually our new evening teacher! And oh boy is she a treat. She talks SO FAST!!! After our first night with her, all the girls flooded to the bathroom and we all had a good solid cry for like 5 minutes a piece. It was just super overwhelming! She's getting better as we are getting used to her. She's learning chinese herself because she usually is the Cantonese teacher. She snaps a lot and its probably the most terrifying thing in the world..................not the most patient woman..and none of us speak chinese and I think she forgets. Pray for her. Pray for my district:) hahaha. 

We got a couple new investigators this week! both of them are our teachers but it's still terrifying and the greatest practice. This week I really have learned how important it is to teach by the spirit. Finding out our investigators needs! We are here to invite, not to teach. Li Laoshi gave a mindblowing lesson yesterday. It seriously rocked my world. Having him as a teacher has been the biggest blessing for me. It feels funny to think that I used to be scared of him...I mean I still kind of am...but it's more like MAD respect. I'm learning SO much.  

All 4 of these girlies are headed to Taipei!! Such a good group!
There's a scripture I found in D&C 11:21 that says. "Seek not to declare my word, but first seek to obtain my word, and then shall your tongue be loosed;then, if you desire, you shall have my Spirit and my word, yea, the power of God unto the convincing of men." Dang. I've been thinking about that a ton! My teacher Li Laoshi gave me some of the best advice ever. I was trying to tell him, how frustrated I was that I couldn't speak chinese and I was feeling really down on myself for not knowing my gospel doctrine very well! I would spend all of my personal study focusing on chinese instead of trying to learn more about what I'm here to teach! I need BALANCE is what he shared with me. This week I studied and pondered my scriptures and PMG (Preach My Gospel book) like none other! I noticed that if I know what it is I'm teaching first, my chinese will come after I've worked my hardest and done all I can do:) 

MY companion is the Our companion unity is getting top notch. Our lessons flow and we can rely on each other and know that if we both have the spirit with us we will also be blessed to have a similar mindset on what to help our investigators with:) Multiple times this week we've been doing companionship study and both have been praying to know what to share, and have the EXACT same ideas. yay! She's the greatest. We were trying to do some translating for a lesson and I was trying to find the word Charity. I found it and then quickly realized it was actually the word for Chastity....That would have been a smidge awkward in our lesson. I'm just glad I realized it before it was too late!!

The 4 Chinese sisters and 2 Korean sisters.  They make friends everywhere they go!
So..... now it's time for a GREAT yet super dumb story. So once upon a time there is this Elder that is on my same floor learning chinese and I literally see him everywhere. Like EVERYWHERE. I'm walking somewhere with my companion and then BAM! he's there! And every time he sees me he's like, "Oh my gosh! Stop following me!" I just figured he's a weiner who's been in the MTC too long. I was right. A few days ago I was in the gym, you know, doing my thing. Working hard!! and sweating like a pig.... I was on the quad machine doing leg lifts and then this Elder runs past me and shoves a piece of paper in my hand and then takes off! I stopped and opened it up and it had his email written in it...............................Oh my.. 

Me and the girls in my room had a good hard laugh for a bit after we were done exercising. Since then he gets super uncomfortable whenever he sees me. One of the Elders in his district came and talked to me during lunch wanting to know what I thought about him.. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS??? Oh my gosh are we in junior high? I just told him, "Elder, I am here to learn chinese and how to share the gospel. I am not interested in anything to do with this Elder!!!! First off because it's against the rules! #pg33 and second he's weird as heck!!" I didn't say that last part but I thought it in my brain.. Bless his little heart. Oh man it was the worst, and I still see him everywhere! I'm just like, Ni Hao Elder. Zai jian Elder. 

Cousins!!  Herman Clawson headed to Argentina, and the other Sister Clawson headed to Taiwan!
This Sunday was fantastic. Janice Kapp Perry came and gave an awesome devotional full of music. Honestly it was super cheesy, but just what I needed:) It was the greatest. The film we watched after was called "Missions Are Forever" by Elder Holland. Talk about a spiritual SPANK! It's so good. Everyone go look it up. 

Choir is super awesome too. It helps me loosen up a lot:) My companion loves me and thinks I'm hilarious when I sing. I might not be the most reverent during choir...and there is this ginger sister missionary that most likely thinks I'm 5 years old..but I've gotta do something to get my blood flowing and happy! The choir directors are fantastic and always share the best stories too:) 

That's about it for this week! We had a worldwide mission conference at 10 that was pretty neat:)
I love you guys so much and Sun Valley looks like the most magical thing in my entire life!!!! 
Love you suh much

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