Thursday, January 14, 2016

AKA MTC Prison! (But I Love It)

Sister Clawson and the other 3 sister's in her mission.  The tall one on the right is Emma's companion.  
MY FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh my freaking heck I love you guys so much it hurts. Like I might have said in my letter..I've always loved you guys from the bottom of my heart, but it wasn't till I got here (aka mtc PRISON) that I realized just how much I love and miss my family. Holy poop I'm SO glad that I know that families get to be together forever. Think of how pumped all of Taiwan is going to be when I tell them all about it! Heck to the yes. 

This week has been absolutely crazy!!!!! Time is SO weird. I feel like I've been here forever but then I can't believe it's already wednesday..I love it, but hate it. Sometimes I feel  like I'm going to lose my mind! But it's all good:)
P-day emailing!
My district is AMAZING!! There are 4 girls, we all room together, and then 4 Elders. All the sisters are going to Taiwan and then all the Elders are going State side! Crazy huh?! We all get along so well:) I'll send some pics once I figure that out so ya'll can check it out. Elder Freeland and Elder Walton are SO hilarious. They crack me up so much with the little tid bits that they say. AGH bless there hearts:) Elder Lyman and Elder Oreno are some of the coolest dudes. Sadly Elder Oreno is a fast track kid in chinese so he will only be with us until the end of the month. Sister S. is so funny and tells us stories all night long. Sister M. is from back east and I adore her! We've both found many common interests in delicious foods and other fun things. My companion is Sister A.! She is the absolute best:) She has been the biggest help to me and cracks me up so much. She is so not what you would expect from seeing her. She is tall, blonde, skinny, beautiful, and is a ballet major at UVU. At first sight you'd think, "agh, what a precious little innocent sister. So humble, quiet, non vulgar, little doll." FALSE! Well, she definitely is all of that but she has got the SPUNKIEST personality. Day 3, was when she really started to loosen up. I knew this when she looked at me and said as we were walking back to our last few hours of class, "OH my gosh I'm so (really funny word, but I can't print it:) tired!" bhahahahahabahabahaha (sorry mom might not want to put that in the blog letter:) But that made me laugh so hard and I knew we would get along just fine. :) Since then she never ceases to make me laugh! 

In their extra cozy dorm room:)
Holy cow, Sister M. told the BEST story the other night when we were in bed and we all busted up laughing for a solid 15 minutes. I thought I was going to barf, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. We talk for a bit every night and get some good giggles in:)  

Speaking of Sundays...They truly are the greatest. Just a different change of pace that is wonderful:) it was a fantastic relief. P-day is also the greatest thing of my life. But anyways, more stories!
Chinese is kicking my trash but I'm learning SO much. My teacher is Li Lao Shi, he's from here but has lived in Taiwan for years. We have a few other different resource teachers that come in every once in a while that also are awesome, but for the most part Li Lao Shi is our main teacher. We only speak SUCKS. Sometimes my teacher kind of scares me. Maybe it's because I don't know what he is saying!...but you can totally feel how much love he has for us and wants us to succeed. He also does one on one coaching a few times a week. In English. Its great:) 

The district.  The Elder's are all serving in the USA, but all 4 girls will travel to Taiwan together:)
Our branch is awesome. Its the 8 of us from my district and then one more district that consists of 2 sisters and 3 elders. Our branch president is President Teng. He and his wife are both from Taiwan and moved here several years ago. He also kind of scares me..You guys I think I'm just terrified of intense asians!!!! oh boy. His wife is the sweetest thing ever though:)  I'll give you more details about them as i get to know them better. I'd say they are in their early 60s. Nice people:)
We are teaching an investigator right now named Cici. Lessons with her have been awesome. It's hard cause we have to do it in chinese....ya right! I'd be killing it in english! our third lesson with her was amazing though. The spirit was soooooo strong and you could totally feel how much cici was feeling it. AND me and my companion both bore great testimonies. IN chinese. WHAT?!
Yup!  I sent her with a selfie stick:)
I cherish exercise time SO MUCH. Best hour of my life. I run my guts out for a mile every day and then they actually have a lot of machines and weights that are fantastic.  I'm gonna be ripped when I leave the MTC. Hahaha lets hope. I'll probs be the same cause all I do is sit, eat, sit, eat, sit some more.  The food isn't bad. They have fantastic wraps and salads that I usually get everyday. I'm just craving REAL bread. I have the strongest testimony of Great Harvest Bread Company and whole grains!!!
Last night we had our Tuesday night devotional and it was fantastic. Elder Neil L. Anderson came! Say what?! It was the coolest and we are in the choir so we got to sing our guts out in it as well:) My testimony has grown so much in the past week. I've never felt the saviors love so much in my life, the gift of tongues is REAL. I'm so excited to keep learning, i just get a bit down when I think about how long i'm gonna be here... OH well! things could be worse! I mean I could be terminally ill! Or ugly! (Just kidding!)
haha but really, my mission is already changing me and my outlook on this amazing gospel for the good:) I'm so blessed to have the best family and friends that have sent such awesome letters of encouragement:) Agh! It helps SO MUCH. Wo ai ni men! 
Fam I love you so so much:)

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