Thursday, January 7, 2016

And She's OFF!

What a great day!!  Emma was set apart as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Tues. night.  It's official!  It's been a week of so much joy and cheerfulness, but sadness at leaving friends and family she loves.

We left early Weds. morning to say goodbyes to Emma's aunt and uncle Eric and Jess and their handsome baby boy George.  He's at Primary Childrens:)  We were able to go inside and visit with Eric and Jess and our neighbor Kerry, and love on George!  By the time Emma comes home, George will be a chubby toddler with a big smile, and Eric's big personality, and laugh!!  After leaving Primary Childrens we ran out to the car to meet some favorite friends for "The Last Supper".  But the children we left in the car, ran the battery dead.  Like really DEAD!  This may have caused a little bit of a heated discussion in the car, but I don't think I said one swear word, and after a few minutes a couple of nice guys had our car hooked up to jumper cables and running again.  Come to find out, one of the men was actually Baby Georges heart Dr.  I'll make sure to take him cookies next time we're visiting George:)

The last supper was Mexican food!  Taiwan has fantastic food, but the don't have Mexican.  Emma LOVES the mole at the Red Iguana in SLC, so that's where we went.  We have some favorite friends that we've known forever.  We've vacationed together and skied together, and played together for years.  Their oldest son Harry was entering the MTC the same time as Emma.  Hard things are made a little easier when you have a friend.  You could tell Emma and Harry were a bit nervous, and there were 2 moms with teary eyes, but what a fun moment we had.

The MTC is hard, and I'm always amazed at how much my kids like each other.  There were lots of hugs.  Tight, hold on for dear life, hugs.  The kind you just don't want to let go of:)  But there were a bunch of handsome missionaries waiting to help these 2 new missionaries find their way.  And then she was gone.  She was beautiful, and radiant and cheerful as she walked away.   I picture that the tears didn't last long, and that within a few minutes she had made friends with the other missionaries in her group.  Both James and Jed mentioned that some of their best friends, and favorite missionaries were the ones that they entered the MTC with.  Emma met these people yesterday, that will change her life for good, and impact the rest of her life!  That's an awesome thing to think about:)  I'm sure that by the end of today, all the years of Chinese that Emma took in High School, will have been covered and now she'll be entering new territory.  Maybe it happened yesterday:)  But I do know that prayers are answered and I've been praying my guts out for this girl.

Bags are packed!

This is the missionary board in our church building.  Emma is pointing to where her Pin will go!

Favorite friends!
Good looking missionaries!
Emma and Jake.
Emma and Seth.  This kid is taking it the hardest.  
"My Favorite Sister" as Sweetheart calls Emma is going to be missed!
Emma and Gracie!  
This kid cried like a baby saying goodbye!  That's what happens when you're born so close together that you're lives are so interconnected.
And this guy never cries, but he was speechless yesterday. This was a hard thing for this dad:)

Families of these 2 missionaries!!  And if you're wondering who the cute little girl with Jed is, that's Gracie.  And she may be a Clawson in the next few months.  But I didn't tell you that!

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  1. Made me cry. How tender those relationships are! Love you guys! Praying for Emma! ❤️❤️❤️