Monday, June 29, 2015

What Are You Grateful For?

June 1, 2015 email

Hello Fam!

Well once again I don't have tons to write you about. The week started out just like any other week. I told you all a little bit bout our new investigator named Xhemil last week. We were able to meet with him again this week and we were able to teach him about the Restoration seeing as the first time we met with him we had talked about the Family Proclamation. 

Shkoder, Albania
Turns out he actually heard a bit about our church when he was living in Italy! The lesson went so well and we loved teaching him. We both bore testimony of the truthfulness of our message and invited him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. He totally felt the Spirit and I know that he is gonna go places if he sticks to it. Unfortunately our schedules didn't line up this last week after that lesson but we are hoping to go over tomorrow night. 
Throughout the week we basically just did lots and lots of finding. Wednesday was a fun day with street contacting. We had set apart a couple hours out of the day and we all went street contacting as a group. We took this massive white bed sheet that had the Plan of Salvation written up on it and then we also bought some sidewalk chalk and Elder Ostergaard and I wrote " Për çfarë jeni mirënjohes?" Which means, What are you grateful for? and then we would stop everyone that walked by and we invited them to write something on the sidewalk. We didn't get tons of numbers but we were able to talk with TONS of people which was fantastic. We are just trying to get the name of our church out in the public so that they can realize that we aren't Jehovah's Witnesses or Catholics. 

This is the meeting house in Shkoder.
The next cool thing happened on Saturday. We were able to go to Tirana and watch some investigators get baptized. Their names are Tonini and Jona and they are a father and daughter and it was such a good baptism. I gave the talk on the Holy Ghost and Mimoza gave a talk on Baptism and it all went super well. I haven't been so happy for a baptism that isn't mine! After that we went and celebrated by eating some Mexican food. 

Group street contacting.  Plan of Salvation is on the sheet:)  
The next day we confirmed Tonini and Jona and they gave their testimonies which was fantastic. They are going to help the branch so much here! Afterwards we had a meeting with a member of the stake presidency to try and take care of some branch stuff and what not and then we had to interview Tonini for the Aaronic Priesthood. He is super ready to just take everything on! Later on during the day we did some street contacting and then we went tracting. I HATE IT. But God blesses you when you do things that put you out of your comfort zone I've learned so we kept doing it until the end of the night. On the very last door we were able to teach a family of a grandpa, dad, mom, and two young sons about the Family Proclamation. We will be going over again tonight and teach them about the Restoration. Super excited! 

Theth, Albania
Today we went to Theth. And I loved it! We got back around 3ish so that's why I'm on so late. But I have pics. And that's about all that I have for this week. I love you all and I hope you have a good week!!

Love, Jed

Dearest Mother, 
That dog looks great! I hope everything is kinda settled down now from the last week. I love you and I hope you can get the garden in soon! Loves!
Love, Jedi

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