Sunday, June 28, 2015

Great Land of Albania

May 25, 2015 email

Well my dear family, 

Once again I write to you from the great land of Albania. 

The week was good and full of tons of finding and and running around trying to get stuff done. I don't have tons to say, once again. We dropped our investigator Erion because he was just not going anywhere and so we are just hoping for him to get ready a bit later. 
Also, the family that we tracted into last week kinda broke our hearts. We were super excited to meet with them all again and we came over and a bunch of their neighbors had told them not to listen to us anymore. So that was pretty sad but we continued on. We were able to meet with a man named Lushi and we hope to see him again real soon. He's an older gentleman that just has no idea who God is, so he's pretty interested in listening to what we have to say.
Yesterday we tracted into a guy named Xhemil. We talked to him about The Family Proclamation and he seemed pretty interested. He was very kind to us and we are planning on going over there tomorrow night so we'll see how it works out with him. 

Also we have been trying to meet with "VIPS" as we call them. They are basically just famous people in Shkoder or people that hold high positions in town, and we've been trying to be friends with them and go have a tea with them. We did that with one brother named Angjelin and that was pretty interesting. He speaks no English but he loves the F-word. So we heard that a lot. Kinda humorous but inappropriate as well. 

I was able to go on an exchange with the Zone Leaders and I spent the day with Elder Roemer in Durres! I didn't get to see a lot of the people there but I enjoyed just being there again. I worked the whole day there and then we met the other missionaries in Tirana and switched back. We had a pretty fun activity this last week as well for some of our investigators. We filled some nylons with flour and had a dodgeball game with those and just had a good time.  

Also on Tuesday we had to teach the Beginner's English Course because the other missionaries were in Tirana for the Trainee Training. Elder Wilcox taught them "I like running over old people". So now our class thinks that we just kill senior folk. 

Shkoder is totally wearing on me. I am SOO tired all the time and you can totally see it on my face all the time. I'm still out working and having fun but I'm just getting tired a lot faster. I also got made the first counselor last week and I forgot to tell ya'll. Our branch president is going to Italy next week so we are going try and get him to stay. 

Well I hope you all enjoy the new dog! Have a good week and tell Kayd that I said hey! I love you all!

Love, Jed

Dearest Mother, 
I did just get my travel plans. Should be fun traveling with all those guys. But yes I can guarantee that I will be dead. Filip is still meeting with the missionaries every day and doing week. I really miss teaching him. I really miss teaching in general but he was so great. I got some awesome souvenirs for ya'll. Also have you happened to put money in my account? I got an email from the office couple and I need some moola in my pocket when I head out. I love you Mom! 

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