Monday, June 29, 2015

Best Experience Of My Life!

(This is the very last email that Elder Clawson will write as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints.  As his mom I really can't believe this day has actually come.  It seems like I've been gearing up for Jed's mission since the day he was born, and now it's over.  I will miss these weekly letter's and getting a glimpse into this amazing experience.  I didn't quite expect what an amazing journey this would be for our whole family.  Jed has touched the lives of so many people who he didn't ever actually meet.  His letter's and testimony each week have made this whole two years so worth it.  He left a little boy, and I love seeing what he has become.  Thanks everyone who has followed Jed's adventures in Albania and Kosovo.  The blog won't sit idle for long.   Jed's sister Emma is in the process of submitting her papers to serve a mission as well.  Jed's example and excitement for the work of the gospel of Jesus Christ has influenced her decision to be a missionary too.  She wants to be just like Jed! We'll be back to these pages in no time. xoxo Lisa)

Lot's of goodbyes!!  This is the Larsen's.  Jed loves them!!  The senior couples who have served in the Adriatic South Mission are amazing!!  A little piece of home, and a sweet grandma and grandpa to all these young Elder's and Sister's.  Thanks to ALL the senior couples that the Larsen's are representing here!!
Well Dearest American Family who patiently has waited for my return, 

This is the last email that I write to you all. I don't know if I'll talk about all the stuff that happened this week but I will say that it was a great week to end on. 

My mission has been the absolute best experience of my life. I have never seen so many people so blessed by accepting the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have never been so happy to work so hard in my life. I love the Albanian people and I have loved being here. The church is true and God loves us!! This is my email and I will see you all soon. I don't have anytime to email anyways because I've got interviews with Pres. Weidmann right now and I've got some errands to run and stuff. But I love you all and I hope you all have a good two days!! 

Love, Elder Clawson 
Elder Clawson and Elder Befus

Elder Holmes and Clemens

The Fuller!  She's awesome!

Goodbye Albania!

Another great member couple and Elder Osterguard.  He is returning home the same day as Jed.  

Saying goodbye to the people at the old folks home.  He's spent a lot of time with these people and loves them:)

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