Monday, June 22, 2015

Saying Goodbye To Vlore and Hello Shkoder!

May 18, 2015 email

Dear Family, 

Well this email is gonna be a tad bit short but I have settled quite nicely into Shkoder and I am back to TONS of finding. 

So I said goodbye to everyone last week and had a really rough time leaving some members and investigators but that's okay. The missionaries will take great care of all of them. So Tuesday we took of to Tirana with Elder Befus, myself, and Sister Gjoncaj who is from Vlore and she is serving a mini mission in Tirana. So we did some shuffling around in Fier and Lushnje but eventually we got to Tirana and I was once again on my way to Shkoder with my new companion, Elder Wilcox. 

The first couple of days were just lots of finding with a lesson here and there. We have had one investigator named Erion and he is a good guy but he is still under control of his dad. And Erion is like 35 years old. He just went through a divorce and just is having a rough time.  So we have been praying a lot for him in hopes that his dad doesn't sway him in the direction. 

The missionaries in my district are Elder Wilcox and myself, Elders Ostergaard and Crandall, and the Sisters Kelly and Dunn. They are all really solid missionaries and I'm excited to work with them. Elder Ostergaard and I are definitely a bit different from the others in the fact that we really enjoy laughing and having fun. The others will understand that it's okay to be smiley all the time.

One awesome thing that happened had to do with tracting. I hate tracting. But we decided to give it a shot around some private houses in a different part of the city. We got two return appointments and only got yelled at like 4 times! HALLELUJAH! So the first return appointment didn't turn out super well. The first time we tracted into it, there was only a mom and her 2 kids and so we told her that we would like to come when her husband was there. She said he wasn't but that we could come the following night. Following night came and the guy basically thought that we had tried to hook up with his wife. After a bit of explaining we finally ended on good terms but didn't get to teach them. The next appointment was with a woman named Sofi. We set up a return appointment for a time when her husband would be home as well. We went over last night and he invited us right into the house and we had a great lesson with him, (his name is Eduardo) his wife Sofi, and his sister Valbona. And it was AWESOME!!!! We are going over tomorrow night and hopefully invite them to be baptized. They are so fun to talk with and I really hope they go well.

Jed and his new companion Elder Wilcox.
Another tender mercy happened today. Last time I was here we taught these two girls that were doing great but there dad didn't like them learning from us so they stopped coming. I prayed the other night that I would be able to see them at some point and to talk to them because their phone numbers that the sisters had weren't working. So we were walking back from our P-Day hike and I saw Juli! She was the oldest of the two girls and she totally remembered me from last year. We were able to chat a bit about school and then I invited her to come to some of the activities that we hold throughout the week and she said she would love to come. God loves us! 

MMmmmmmm!  Cherry Days in Albania!
Anyways, thats about it for this week. Lots of stuff and lots of finding. Gotta love it. Well I love you all and I hope you enjoy this coming week! Tell Emma to have fun and to do good!! Love you all!

Love, Jed

Dearest Mother, 
I was able to talk with Filip last night and ask him how he's doing. He told me that he had a great time at church in the morning and that he is loving the lessons. So I'm not as worried about him anymore. I say hire Sister White. She would work her butt off and I would love working around her. We get along super well and she would do good. I love you Mom! Thanks for being so fantastic! 

Love, Jedediah James

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