Friday, August 2, 2013

I'm Still Wallowing In My Youth

Dearest Mother and Family,

Tell Tito and Captain Devan Congrats for me!! (Jed had 2 friends get mission calls this week.  One to the Marshal Islands, and the other to Kennewick WA.)  Those are both awesome missions! I'm glad Pioneer Day was fun for ya'll!! Tell Dad not to get to close to that badger. They are freaky things. They look like Hummvees.

Well this week was nice. It's gone by shume fast. So I'm really struggling with the language so I decided to follow the example of Elder Anderson and just speak Shqip (Albanian) all day every day unless it's necessary to speak Englishte. The very last week we are here at the MTC is a straight week where we don't speak english. The Hungarian district had that this last week and it was really cool.

The Tuesday night devotional this week was really good cuz it helped me understand my companion a bit more. He's very patient with me which is very nice. Being the youngest one on campus is rough at times because everyone seems so mature and I'm still wallowing in my youth. After the devotional I ran into Elder Noah Berry!! He picked me up in a hug and spun me around which was kinda weird in front of all my companions but whatever.

For that package you're sending, just put a pair of those OLD NAVY skinny khakis that me and Jake have because missionaries can now wear Khaki's! Thanks a ton for the food. Especially the bread and Pop-Tarts. We had to hide the bread from the other district because their District Leader, Elder Acheson, keeps stealing HUGE slices during personal study. Our new cafeteria is up and running next Wednesday so I am just jumping up and down. It will be nice to have normal bowel movements from now on.

The Elders that we room with that are headed to Mexico City got to go to Salt Lake today. I hope we get to go somewhere. Jace got to fly to San Francisco or something for his visa stuff. But they are leaving in two weeks which is super sad because they are super duper hilarious. I get along really well with Elder O. He's from St. George and super cool. We quote movies all the time during "COZY TIME" which is from 10:15 to 10:30. Elder E is way cool too. He is a total farm boy but super studly.

The Elders in my district are nice guys.  I do well at focusing but I seem to suck at retaining. Elder B and P are really nice guys. P is the one from Saudi Arabia and I just learned that his dad is a seventy. He has had Elder Holland come into his house and take a nap on his parents bed. B is the one from Germany and he just turned 21. He's a great kid and super friendly. Elder R and J are fun as well. R played college baseball. J is from Castle Dale and he talks like a total red neck. But man is he funny. He has an amazing Smeagle voice to. Elder H and A. H lived in Denmark for most of his life and then moved to Utah. He is huge! Not like fat but tall and built. Like a tractor. A lives in Maryland and plays soccer. His father passed away last September so it's awesome that he's out here with us. He's my district leader and he is so funny. 6 out of 8 of us are writing girls back home. Several missionaries have called Dibbs on Emma. They all saw her pic in the photo album. Thanks for the pictures! They are awesome and so far I have the best looking girl that I'm writing. And that is a district decision. The only person who doesn't think so is Elder R and thats just cuz he's 6'6 and she's tiny.
But anyways, I try not to think about home and you guys too much cuz then i lose focus on what I'm doing here and thats the worst thing that i can do. Send more pics if ya want and I'll send more to you next week. LOVE YOU GUYS!!


Dear Mom,
Thanks for the bread and also for the hairspray. It didn't get the ink out unfortunately but it did save one of my other shirts. It was a long sleeve but i don't think I'll need a new one. I'm glad the gardens doing good. Sorry bout the lettuce and the raspberries though. That really sucks. Have fun in Lake Powell! You will love the DESERT DAZE!! I love you!


Dear Dad,
Keep being awesome. Love ya tons.


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