Wednesday, August 14, 2013

We Will Find You, and We Will Convert You!

Dearest Family.
Bear Lake sounds like it was quite enjoyable this year!  So to answer your questions I get to go to the temple for the first time next P-Day I think. We've heard all about the new movie and we are super excited. Speaking of movies, we watch movies every Sunday night and we recently watched Legacy. It's like the only time we can quote movies and not be frowned upon here. All the Elders in my district love the Joseph Smith in that movie because he's so swaggy. He's the most hardcore Joseph Smith I've ever seen and he has some gnarly hair. And David Walker in that movie is cool too. His hair is awesome. 

We were expecting some new Elders yesterday in our apartment but no one came so me and Elder L are just lounging it up by ourselves. It's nice cuz we don't have to worry about someone elses mess making us get a bad review on our room check. But we miss the Mexican elders a ton. 

SO we are always with the other district. We eat together and go places together but we just aren't taught together. One of their teachers is Motra Atkin, and she is the one that lives next to Andy and Kristy.  (She is the neighbor or James' brothers family.) We can walk to the strip mall with the Great Harvest in it. It's right next to where we get burgers and Jamba juice which is a regular P-Day tradition. 

Thats awesome that Jane and Seth are turning into water monsters! Tell Seth he can't be better than me when I get home. I hope Jane is being safe in the water and having fun! It was awesome to hear about Lake Powell and all the fish around her!
So this week has basically been the same as usual with some cool additions. The cafeteria opened with real food on Monday and we are in HEAVEN!! It's so much better than a packaged Cobb Salad for lunch every day and bagels and milk for breakfast. Secondly, Elder L has been having some personal struggles this week and the other day he asked me if I could give him a Priesthood Blessing. I told him I would and that was the first blessing that I've ever given in my life. I wrote you a letter that should be coming soon that goes into a lot more detail. And last night Elder R who actually was really good friends with Brady D in Ogden when they were little.) asked me and Elder G to give him a blessing because he has been feeling way sick this week. So in one week I gave my first two blessings and it has been so awesome!

Other than that it's been a solid week. I translated a lesson for Vëllai McGlothin from Albanian to English and that went well and really helped me with the language. It's all starting to make a little more sense now but I'm definitely not the best I can be. But I'm trying. I also got two packages this week!! I got one from Kirsten that had a bunch of awesome pictures and two packages of Sunny D popsicles which were to die for! Me, R, J, and A are in love with them! We had twenty but now we have none. The other was from Kirstens sister, Megan, and it had loads of awesome candy and drawings and a buncha goodies. It was awesome.  My lessons have been good and to answer Emmas question about the investigators, (Emma asked who the people are that Jed's been teaching?  Were they REAL investigators, or were they just teachers acting a part.) Shpëtim and Bujar are two brothers that have been released from prison recently and they found the gospel after seeing a Book of Mormon. They were in jail for human trafficking. During my lessons they have told me that I would be prime example of what they want. They said it's because of my white supple skin. They kidnapped Liam Neesons daughter too. But Shpetim is getting baptized and Bujar is almost there so we're working on it.
Just kidding. They're just my teachers that act as investigators.
But our district motto is "We don't have money, but what we do have, is a particular set of skills that make people like us, a dream come true for people like you. We will find you... And we will convert you." (in a Liam Neeson voice)
 I Hope everyone is doing well and I'm sorry that I don't have any pictures this week. I'll try to get some good ones for next week. I love you ALL!!

Love, Jed
Dear Mother,
Oh how I miss a meal of beans and potatoes with bacon!  Thanks for sending me Dear Elders. THey make my day! I hope everything is going well at home and I love you guys!
Love ya, Jed

Dear Dad,
Yeah I heard all about Jane! Thats so funny she's loving the water now. I've been speaking my language so much it's ridiculous. I dreamt in Albanian like two days ago and i was trying to conjugate verbs and noun declensions in my dream which was stressful but I'm getting  better. I can translate pretty good but i can't speak as well as i would like to. Sorry this isn't very long but i just spend all my time typing the big family letter. I love ya tons!
Love, Jed

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