Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Consecration Week

Hello Everyone!

Well I'm glad you all had a good time at Park City. Jake and Dad totally shoulda gone to the Canyons. That was honestly the funnest time I've ever had on a bike besides riding at the Redbull Rampage Site. Tell Jake to not be nervous going to South Cache. If he isn't over it already I'm sure he'll get over it way soon. Tell Seth that everything will be fine. Life goes on if you make a mistake. And tell Emma to treat my car with kindness. Let it get dirty so people know you love it. That's why I didn't clean it ever. 

I should be getting all my travel info later today or tomorrow morning but I'll let you know as soon as I possibly can. We'll be in transit for 36 hours though. Our teachers told us that was the common time for all Albanian bound missionaries. Speaking of my teachers, yesterday was the last day that we would see Vellai Eckel until we get home. He quit teaching cuz school starts soon and he doesn't have enough time to take off three hour shifts everyday. It was sad but cool to think that we get to have our missionary reunions with him afterwards. 

So this week has been pretty interesting for the MTC. We have tons more kids now but we Albanians are officially the oldest in the West Campus now since the Finnish Sisters left with the Estonians this last Monday. 

Anyways, Vellai Vance decided to go to Montana for a week and Vellai McGlothin has been sick (from us, no doubt) and so for all this week we've had teachers that don't speak Albanian. We've had Armenian, Georgian, Finnish, Estonian, Greek, Malay, and Malagasi teachers come teach us gospel principles and what not, but it's been hard not having any language classes for so long. The Greek teacher, Brother Okazaki, and the Georgian teacher, Brother Allen, have both taught us some awesome lessons on revelatory prayer and Bible and BOM history that have really enlightened us and given us some awesome insight. 

Today we started our Consecration Week. We went to the temple speaking English but once we left the Celestial Room, it was all Albanian. No English till we go to the temple next week and no translating for any of the other elders. Just a whole lot of repetition and hand motions till then. But so far it's been super fun. People have no idea what we're saying and it's so crazy. Just another reason why it would've been nice to have some language class this week. 

I've gotten a load of packages this week! I got one from Roger and Colette, Janet, Kirsten, and one from her mom. They were all super awesome! Roger, Colette, and Aleisha all wrote me nice letters and everyone gave me Funyuns and Janet loaded me up with Pop-Tarts. IT's a good thing cuz me and Elder Linderman finished all the Funyuns and Pop-Tarts from before. And don't apologize for the Mac and Cheese comment. Kirstens Mom sent me some Macaroni and Cheese that I can make. We have a microwave to use at the creamery next to our apartment. I'm super excited for this new package to come though! One very last thing that I would like you to put in it is my Genki Sudo Tattoo Shirt. I really like that one. 

Yesterday me and Elder L. woke up and found a HUGE wetspot in our living room. The apartment above us had the AC on too low and it flooded into our room over night and it was freak nasty. Then Elder L. took a shower and left the curtain on the outside of the tub so our whole bathroom was basically underwater. (He's learning something!)

Well I've had a good and productive week for the most part and thanks a ton for all the prayers! They are definitely helping me. 
Love you all so much!

Elder Jed Clawson

Dear Mother,
Thanks for telling what's going on. I hope everything is starting to kinda settle down for the most part now that school is back in. Ask Emma if any of the teachers asked about me. Tell her to go to Mr. Litizzette and tell him that I miss being in his class. And also Mrs. Crosbie the computer teacher. How's the garden doing? How's Jane coming along with her talking? I hope you have a great time at the TOP of UTAH 1/2! I love you tons and miss you.
Love, Jed

Dear Dad,
Thanks for giving me those scriptures. I enjoy learning from them in my personal study. I'm gonna start sending you things that I start to learn from now on in other emails. So I heard Emma got a bike? Tell her congrats. And did grandpa really get a corvette? If he did, I'm expecting the 2014 Stingray. Love ya tons. Miss ya too. P.S. have you gone riding with Clint yet? Tell me how it was if ya did. 

Love, Jed

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