Friday, August 16, 2013

Charity Week

This is Jed's district made up of 4 companionships.  There is another district going to Albania as well
made up of 4 more elders and 2 sisters.  Jed is the top right hand kid with his eyes open:) His companion
is just to the left of him in the picture.  

So we got to go to the temple this morning and we watched the new movie and guess what? Me and Scott Adair have climbed at the Rock Haus with Satan. He lives in Southern Utah and is really good friends with Allie Adair and when he came up, Scott invited me to go climbing with them. So I got to tell the Elders that I've climbed with the Devil.

My studies this week have been awesome as well. I just finished Alma, and got done with all the war chapters. Teancum was crazy, Moroni was such a man, and the Stripling Warriors were so awesome! It's crazy all the hidden spiritual thoughts that are in those stories. We had Charity Week this last week and it's been really good for me to not be so nit picky about everything all the time. The language is starting to click together a little bit more and I'm grateful for that.

On Tuesday we had Richard G. Scott talk to us. It was awesome! He talked about how Sister missionaries are so important and how a mission will help them be better wives and mothers and then told the Elders that we were the strongest young men he's ever seen. He talked a lot on prayer and the importance of how we need to pray with a sincere desire and we need to realize that we are talking to the most highly exalted being to have ever existed. That really made me think about how I need to stop  with my vain repetitions. After that he gave a blessing with Apostolic Authority on every missionary learning a new language, that if we studied with faith, we would become fluent as to the desires of our heart in our new language. So I've been really cranking out the studying this week. Consecration Week starts next Wednesday and I'm super stoked to start that. (I believe Consecration Week is the week the missionaries speak only Albanian in preparation to leave for Albania a week or two later.) I really enjoy being able to speak my language.

Well I'm sorry this isn't super long but my email time got cut down due to the temple, so hopefully I get more time next week. I love you all!


Dear Mother,
Thanks for sending these emails, they really mean a lot. I hope everything is going well in the garden and the house is okay. Dear Elders are awesome to get at night but it's really up to you if you want to take the time to write them. Tell the Kureks that I miss them and love them.  Bread would be awesome in the package. I love you guys so much.


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