Friday, October 5, 2018

I Do Know What The Word Bautismal Means! Week #8

Cusco Missionaries
guys man!! it has been a pretty loco week!! Lots of crazy experiences!! so after last tuesday we went to a little town that we did not know was in our area. We got a call from some lady to meet her at teh bus station, so we did and she had bought us tickets to this place. We drove for an hour to a town called Cambapata, Its kinda by Pitumarca, which is another town we go to every saturday. We get to Cambapata and then get off the bus and ride in another bus to another town called Yanaoca or Yanoaca one of those. But yea, this town was not left or right, it was us this mountain, and we went up and once we got to the top there were a bunch of other small pueblos. But we come up over the mountain and there was this huge lake on the top of a mountain!!! and the town yanoaca was kinda close to it, it stormed that day alot, lots of rain and lightning but it was super fun. I loved it, it was super small but lots of people, in the end, the people we were there to teach were busy so that whole trip was pretty much for nothing. 

next crazy thing was we had a baptism this week, That was a surprise!! I may not understand alot but i do know the word bautismal. So that was super dope and the spirit was really strong. it was such a special experience. And then one day we were having a comp study and man, i wanted to share what i learned with my comp so i shared a scripture i read. ALMA 5, 45-46. As i was sharing with him, i just started balling cause I felt the spirit so strong. I Was trying yto read it but couldnt cause of my tears and sniffling. But man The spirt was super strong. 

But yea, lots of new experiences for me. Lots of poverty here. the people here live on dirt floors in a one room house, with a bed or 2 and a tv and a stove to cook, but thats pretty much it. I ate guinea pig for the first time with week. It was awesome!! Super soft, and tasted like really good chicken. Tons of stuff . We gave lots of priesthood blessings to people, my comp gave one to our pensionsistas son and i gave one to a lady who had some health problems. Man that is a different experience, but its very special. 

I love you all and miss you all lot!!!
Elder Clawson

Mom tthank you so mucyh for the Letter. I loved it all!! I started to sob when you started to talk about grandpa!! I miss him too and man i know he is here with me!! This week has been crazy and man i miss you all lots. Today got really hard cause i cant talk to my comp very well and i just really needed to talk to someone in english today. Everything was better when we played football cause we have like 4 elders who are americans. so it was better but man, i am super stressed with the language and trying to help my comp out but it never seems to work cause we cant talk very well. But im so excited to hear about your new job thingy. Tell those mexicans you know Que tal!! Como Estan! Les gusta Pollo!! mom did you get the email, i didnt have a ton of time so i just put it in with dads email.

Tell Everyoone i love them and miss them tons!!

I love you mom!!

Elder Clawson.

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