Sunday, January 4, 2015

My Brother In The Lord (Alma 17: 2-3)

Dearest Family! 

Some of Elder Clawson's favorite people in Kosovo.  
Well I guess I'll start with what has happened for transfers. I am now emailing you from the 3rd Ward of Tirana. Yes I am no longer in Prishtina and I  am back in Tirana. 

Needless to say I had a hard time leaving Kosovo. It definitely is going to be my favorite place that I've ever served in. But God needed me somewhere else. 

So the day after Christmas was a little rough. Not a ton of motivation after talking with our families and it was also snowing and freezing cold outside so street contacting was taken in 30 minute sections. The week continued on like that until Sunday night and we got our transfer calls. I was praying that I was going to stay in Prishtina or at least in Kosovo but I got the call and President told me that I would be serving in 3rd Ward with Elder Braden as the new Tirana Zone Leader. I called Betim that night and told him that I wouldn't be staying and he was sad. 

The Branch Christmas Party
The following day I spent a lot of time packing and then later on in the day I met with Suad, Nezir, and then Ajdin and kinda just gave them one last lesson and said goodbye. Nezir was pretty sad but I read him Alma 17 2-3 and told them I wanted to see him again as my brother in the Lord. So he promised me to keep coming to church and to basically just keep being awesome. Suad was pretty sad that I was leaving. He calls me his little brother and I call him my big brother and it was really sad to say goodbye to him. 

Ajdin promised to be baptized in January so hopefully he fulfills that promise! After his lesson there were a bunch of members and friends that all came to say goodbye to the departing missionaries. 
I said goodbye to Betim, Erjon, Valmira, Egzona, John, and several others that night and it was super sad. Betim and I just hugged and sat there for a second. He is seriously one of the greatest people that I've met on my mission. Suad was probably just as hard to leave. I've seen him progress a ton in the gospel and it has been awesome. 

Some servicemen from the US military base at the Christmas party.
The next morning I loaded up the car with my stuff and then I drove down to Tirana with Elder Eliason and we pulled into the mission home and then went and got some food with the sisters for one last hurrah before we were seperated. After that I joined up with Elder Braden and we headed to my new home in 3rd Ward. This is like my 5th whitewash on my mission and this time I'm a zone leader. Pretty crazy stuff going on. We cleaned the heck out of the new house because it was a huge mess. Then we got settled and we got ourselves acquainted with 3rd Ward. Elder Braden showed me where the church was and as we came up to it there were three people sitting there and one of them turned around and it was ERSI!! He had heard that I was coming back to Albania and he hussled from Durres over to Tirana to see me! It was super awesome to see him again. We just sat and talked with him and then parted ways and then we went to visit a member. That night I slept like a rock. My bed is super nice here. 

The next day was New Year's Eve so we got up and had a lesson with a member. He is getting ready for a mission. If you wanna know what he looks like, just imagine Matt Clawson with a beard. So we had a lesson with him and then ate lunch and we were actually gonna go buy a live turkey because at this time of year they have tons of farmers that bring out their turkeys for New Years. But they were like 50 bucks so we didn't get one. I was super excited to do it for the blog though. 

Christmas morning breakfast with the missionaries.  
We explored a bit more of T3 and then we had to go shopping for some food before we went in for the night because we had to be in by sundown. We got home and my power went out so I just fell asleep and then woke up at like 7:30 and then made some food, watched Legacy, and played the guitar. We talked a lot and then 12 o'clock came. We went onto our roof and watched the massive fireworks going on. It was pretty cool.

This morning we woke up and got ready and left. It was kinda cold today but it wasn't as bad as Kosovo was. We met with some other missionaries and watched "Ephraim's Rescue" and then ate pizza. 

So that's about it for this week. I loved talking with ya'll last week! I hope everyone is happy and alive. I love you and I'm sorry I'm being kinda brief. My hand's are freezing and it's hard for me to type! Have a good week and I"ll talk to ya on Monday!
Love, Jedediah

Dearest Mother, 
Well, I'm having a good time. I love being a missionary here and I loved being able to talk with ya'll last week. I hope Christmas day was good and everyone had fun. Tell the family that I love them. Have a safe week. 

I love you!

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