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Lot's of Finding and Lot's of Rejection

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          My dearest family in America, 

Beso means BELIEVE in Albanian.  Not kiss as in Spanish:)
This week was super bust with lots of zone leader stuff to get figured out. But I guess I'll start with the little bit of teaching that we actually got done this week. 

So on Tuesday night we went with the sisters to a less active family's home because they were going to hand them off to us. When we got there the mom and dad weren't home but the two sons and the grandma were there and so was a friendly neighbor boy named Mirko.  We started talking with him and then asked if we could just do a lesson right then and there with him and the two boys. We started teaching the Restoration and that just opened his mind up to a bunch of questions that he has had for a long time. He had come to the church for a Christmas party with this family and one of the members welcomed him and told him that our church was the true church and that kinda got his mind going a little bit so he had lots of questions to ask us. But the lesson went well and we invited him to come to church. Unfortunately he couldn't make it yesterday to church but we still have high hopes for him because he is a great kid. 

A friend at the market.
So yeah this week was super busy with lots of meetings and trainings and busy work. On Tuesday we had District meeting so we could get familiar with each others areas and what not and then we just went street contacting...all day.  The following morning we had our MLC meeting which I always seem to enjoy an it was even better this time becasue I didn't have to wake up and drive at 4 o'clock in the morning.  We presented our numbers and goals for this coming month and we are pushing super hard to get them. We've decided to be more consecrated and such so we have a 100% SYL (speak your language) policy in our zone now. We can only speak Albanian when we are outside of our houses. NO ENGLISH. So Elder Braden decided that we will speak Albanian 100% of the time whether we are in our house or outside. So MLC was good and we learned a lot and then we had a a meeting with the Sister Training Leaders which went great too. 

Jed's very favorite P-day activity! Bouldering at a climbing gym.
The next day we had to give our zone training to all of the missionaries in Tirana. It went pretty well and I think we all learned something from it. The rest of the day we just went finding. On Friday we had a meeting with our Ward Mission Leader which was great and then we had to do our weekly planning session which takes a while usually. Saturday morning Elder Braden and I had to hold a District Leader Training because tons of our District Leaders here in Tirana are brand new and don't know what the heck to do. I gave a training from John chapter 21 which I think we all learned a bit from. Then we went finding the rest of the day. 

The Motra's in Jed's ward.

Elder Clawson with his companion Elder Braden eating fried ice cream.
Sunday came around and we got to go to church. It was really good and Megi Celi gave a talk and it was great. (She's the cute girl who was companions with one of our employees at Great Harvest in Logan!)Then we went home and I made the rest of my macaroni and cheese. It was super good by the way. That night we got to meet with a part member family and a less active member so it was a success! 

Today we went to the  big treg (market)with some of the new missionaries and that was fun and then we went to Time Out and got a Special Pita which was to die for. Then Elder Braden and I went climbing again. It was great just doing it by ourselves. 

I get a few pictures of this every week.  Elder Clawson is searching for the perfect suit to wear home.  Suits are extremely nice and inexpensive in Albania!!  I don't expect there to be much left of the suits he took out on his mission:)
But all in all that was my week. Busy but not super loaded with lessons or things like that. Lots of finding in the road, lot of rejection, lot of english course fliers and stuff like that. I'm sorry I don't have a lot of time tonight. I love you all so much and I hope you're having a good time!

Love, Jed

Dearest Mother, 
Thanks for going into such detail on our dog getting spayed. I'm glad I could be part of that experience! Well I had no time to get to those BYU applications so I'll try my hardest to get them done next week. Thanks a ton for getting all of those ready. I love you Mom!! 

Love, Jedediah

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