Monday, September 22, 2014

I Love My Mission!

My dearest family!! 

"Ask us what we do!" One of their newest finding techniques.  And Elder Clawson said it works pretty dang good!
Well I had a fun week. It was super busy and loaded with all kinds of goodness. I'll start with last Monday, which basically just consisted of FHE and us out on the Boulevard finding people who are ready to be baptized!! We've actually come up with a new way of street contacting which is we basically just invite the people to be baptized and become members of our church if they understand and come to a knowledge that these things are true. Little blunt but it weeds out the people that would waste our time later on. 

Jed and Elder Price street contacting in Pristina Kosovo.
Tuesday we had  great district meeting given by Elder Watson. 
He did awesome! So for that day we met with Nezir who is still an awesome guy! We taught him the Law of Chastity and it was probably one of the best lessons that I've had with him because we asked him why he thought it was important that we lived by these standards and he said "Well if you go out and do bad things like this, your family is hurt and you also hurt yourself even if you think you aren't." And then he just proceeded to tell us how he's grateful for his own personal decisions in keeping standards like this throughout his entire life. But yeah, no worries with Nezir on that. He is still working on quitting smoking and his definitely making some good progress. He really does want to stop though. He knows the church is true and that the commandments come from God. He's just fantastic and I love his guts. 

Nothing better than Thai food in Kosovo.
We also met with Ramis! I don't know if you remember but he's the guy who we had the lesson with last week when I had the poop all over the bottom of my shoe. Therefore I assume he didn't smell it during our last lesson or else he would NEVER have let me back into that place. So we taught the Plan of Salvation with him and it went super well. At the end we asked him to be baptized and he said "I will get baptized for myself after I know how to help other people first." So we kinda need to wrap service and baptism into the same lesson with him and let him know what's up. But he's still really good. 

Elder Clawson's district at correlation mtg.
On Friday we were able to meet with an investigator that we had lost contact with about a month ago because he was living in a different town. He moved to Prishtina and we were able to meet with him again! His name is Agim and he's the guy that had the huge epiphany of Joseph Smith. We decided to watch the Restoration video and we had a great time. He was giving comments throughout the whole movie and then when the First Vision part came.... he was silent. We were all feeling the Spirit so much and I was so glad to have it there with us to help in the teaching process. 

The meeting house in Pristina, Kosovo.  And Elder Roberts:)
We met with some really good people this week besides them. We're teaching a guy named Ilir who works with the church in it's humanitarian projects with wheelchairs and such and he is super great. He came to church with us yesterday actually which was awesome! Yesterday for lunch the other Elders made Egg drop Soup. That's all I will say concerning that. It was good. 

They love the members!
I do need to say that I am loving my mission! It is the best thing ever to be here with these people. They are so great and so fun! I enjoy my district even though 2 of them are leaving next week which is super sad. I love speaking a different language and eating different food! I know that this church is true and that Jesus Christ is our Savior! 

Sporting new hair cuts, and I'm not real sure about the red jacket.  We think he looks like an usher at the Ellen Eccles Theatre in Logan:)  
I hope you all have a great week and I hope you are all safe. I love you!!

Love, Jed

Dear Mother, 
Those pies looked absolutely fantastic! Way to go! I hope they were good. Thanks for updating the blog again. It's nice to see what I've been doing lately. Has it started to get colder over there? It's starting to rain a ton here and I hate it. The rain is so dumb. Thanks for writing me every week Mom! I love you!

Love, Jedediah Jim

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