Monday, September 15, 2014

Beautiful Question!

Aug. 25, 2014 Letter Home

Hello my family. 

Elder Clawson overlooking Prizren, Kosovo.  Pretty city!
I had a good week this past week. Lots of finding and lots of work. Tuesday started out with a good District Meeting given by Elder Watson. He gives some super good trainings. 

That day we were out doing some normal street contacting and we stopped a couple people that were pretty great. The first guy was named Salami. Yeah like the meat tube that we put on crackers. We set up an appointment with him and told him that we would meet him at a certain hotel and then show him where the church was. The following day we went to the hotel and we had kinda forgotten what he looked like because it had been a couple days and we see so many people. So we just sat around for a bit and then we saw that there was a super cool Ferrari parked in the front of the hotel so we went up and looked at that. We were up by the front looking at it and then this guy comes up to us and I just thought to myself "Oh crap he's gonna get ticked at us for looking at his Ferrari." Because people get mad if you look at something of theirs. But he was Salami. We showed him where the church was and we had a great first lesson with him. He had heard of Mormons before and was a bit skeptical at the beginning because he had heard about the whole polygamy thing. He asked a good question too. "So I feel like people need to do a bit more than just pray to get eternal life. What else should we do?" BEAUTIFUL QUESTION! We explained to him about commandments and what not and he was agreeing with everything. He asked if we could come to his house and teach him and his family sometime and we were just like, Uh yes. We had another lesson with him but we haven't had the chance to meet at his home yet. But we have hope for Salami. 

The other guy was named Nazir. We found him contacting and met with him the next day. Nothing super crazy happened but Elder Price and I talked about the lesson afterwards and how Nazir was reacting to everything and we know that we were definitely prompted by the Spirit and guided as well. It was just a really solid lesson and there was no stuff like "Oh I'm a Muslim." or anything like that. It was just real down to earth good stuff. We have hope for him too. 

Last night we had a great experience too. We were contacting and we stopped this guy named Adem and his wife. He is a physics professor and was super great to talk to. He was asking good questions about what makes our church different, why we left for two years and all of these other great questions that just told us that he was genuinely searching for something more.  The whole contact experience lasted for about 20 minutes and the whole time it was just calm and nice and totally led by the Spirit. It was heavenly. 

Elder Clawson on splits with Elder Bilodeau. 

Elder Clawson and Elder Watson at church.  These two were companions last transfer, and Jed loves being in the same area as Elder Watson this transfer as well.  It's fun to see how much Elder Watson has grown and what a good missionary he is!
Also last night we were stopped by the police because an angry Muslim called them and told them to arrest us. Nothing happened. The cops just said "You're fine doing this and we are a democracy. You just might wanna go home right now because there's a lot of Muslims that aren't happy with you right now." So we went home and drank tea. Good tea. Mint. 

I went to Pejë this week with Elder Bilodeau as well. As a zone leader I get to go on exchanges throughout the whole country and Macedonia.

Sunday dinner courtesy of these cute Sisters!  Jed's district.  Elder Roberts, Watson, Price and Motra Curtis and White.  Cute aprons!
Well that's kinda all I got. I went to Prizren today and looked at the castle and that was about it. Not too much. 

I LOVE YOU ALL! Have a good week of school and be safe. 

Love, Jed

Prizren Kosovo
Dear Mother, 
I just realized that Emma has a ton more freedom than I do. Home alone for a week?! I would never have been granted that! Anyways I'm sorry to hear about the stupid coons. That sounds like crap. I hope they don't do anything else. Well I love you tons. Have a good week. 


PS did you get my hot pocket video?

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