Thursday, May 1, 2014

Durres Bound!

Elder Clawson with a young man they're teaching.  The one on the left is the investigator, and the young man on the right is a new member who is on FIRE!  Jed said he is an amazing member missionary!

Hello my dearest and most cherished family!

Well Lushnjë is great and stuff but guess what?


So I'll tell you why I'm being taken out of Lushnjë. Last night I got a call from President Ford at about 9:30. Unfortunately I hung up on him instantly because I'm used to hanging up on Albanians and then calling them back. So we had a little bit of phone tag and then I finally got a hold of him. He was in Rome at the time. He told me that he had spoken with the new Stake President, and they had come to the conclusion that they needed more Elders in Durrës. It's a larger city and only has 4 missionaries. So me and my dear Watson, will be leaving tomorrow morning and we will be starting our new area in Durres. 

Easter Eggs are dyed red in Albania.
I'll admit I was actually pretty bummed when I heard I was leaving Lushnjë. I'd actually made a joke to Elder Watson the other night after we got done chatting with our local baker, "Man I'm starting to get really tight with the people here. 50 bucks says I get taken outta here soon." I was totally saying it in a joking manner because whenever I start really warming up with the people in my area, I get taken out and sent somewhere where I don't know anything. But I was also stoked that I'd be going back to my birthplace. (Jed's birthplace or his first area in the country to serve was Durres.)I'm excited to see if I can revive some of the old work that I had before hand with Elder Foster and work with some of the recent converts there as well. Not to mention the awesome ward there. 

Someone brought them Dr. Peppers from Kosovo.  A little bit of America I guess:)
This week has been okay for us. We found some good potential people that we will be handing off to the other missionaries. Flosed hasn't been able to meet with us but he is starting to ask us more questions when we see him. Hopefully he still progresses with the other missionaries. We've been looking for a house most of the week and we actually had one all ready for us to move into but we kinda got broadsided with a change of plans. 

P-day with the Elder's in Vlore.  These two young men on either side of Jed are his son's he says.  Elder Watson on the left is his current companion that Jed is training, and Elder Eliason on the right was Jed's companion and trainee last go around.  Always good to see Elder Eliason:)
I had my first and last district training too! I gave a training on how we can be consecrated missionaries and lay everything on the altar of sacrifice. I thought it went pretty good. For the couple weeks that I was a District Leader, I really enjoyed it. Elder Acheson will be the District Leader over us in Durres which will be good because he is a great kid. I also went to Tirana this last Tuesday for a training from the AP's for the new District Leaders. That was fun because all the Leaders are Elders from my MTC group. BOO YAH!!

P-day in Vlore. 

At the beach in Vlore.
Today I went to Vlorë for my last P-day with the zone leaders. We ate lunch with the missionaries down there and took a nice long walk on the beach. It was quite romantic actually:). Elder Eliason and Elder Watson got acquainted with each other. THE LONG LOST BROTHERS UNITE!! We also went and looked at a castle which was really pretty and super neat. Then I drove back with the ZL's and that's why I'm so ridiculously late with my emailing. 

It sounds like you are all having a hay day in Utah! I'm glad Seth got himself a chicken. Just make sure it lasts longer than the one that I got at Easter. Either that or make sure he doesn't get as attached to it as I did. How was Lake Powell for dad? Did ya waterski? Probably not. You're getting kinda old. Can't turn 'em like I can. Just kidding, Papa Jimmy, YOU'RE AWESOME!! 

The view from the castle the missionaries visited in Vlore.

Elder Clawson looking rather handsome. (And maybe a bit manly!) at the castle.
Well I guess I love ya and stuff. Have a good week and I'll talk to ya from Durrës! PEACE!

Love, Jedediah "The Claw" 

The sights of Vlore, Albania.
Dearest Mother, 
Can I just say that your strawberry pies looked fantabulously gorgeous?! They looked way freaking good. They don't have pie here. Kinda poopy. Have you started on the garden yet? I'm sorry I hated weeding so much. I feel kinda bad about that now. Well I love you long time! 
Love, The Eldest Elder

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