Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Week #29 Feb. 26, 2019

Week #29 Feb. 26, 2019  1st week to video chat Jake with the new communication rules!!!!  It was AWESOME!!

Hey guys, Whassup!? This week was a bit slower but still really awesome. We just worked pretty much all week teaching and trying to find a bunch of new people. Saw and kinda ran away from a bunch of drunk people this week which was a rush. For sunday We made chocolate chip cookies and ate a lot cuy or guineau pig. And then we ate carrot cake for dinner. This week was like american food and stuff. In cusco i found one of my absolute favorite cadies in the plaza vea!!!

This is the oven they use in Sicuani.  It looks like a culvert surrounded by cement or clay and they put a wood fire inside.  So a rustic pizza oven that people in America pay a lot of money for!!

Jake and Elder Chamberlain are turning into amazing bakers!

A celebration meal of Cuiy (guinea pig) and missionary made chocolate chip cookies!
We had a dope zone olympics kind of pday with 3 different zones and it was awesome!!! Our zone destroyed in american football. I did divisions with zone lider elder clancy and we went to tinta casue we had a couple references but we had like no success so that was hard. But the sisters in our district had 2 baptisms and we had to rush all over sicuani to get things ready for it and it rained so hard before so we started alittle later to wait out the rain. Then after we ate food and the whole zone pretty much came to see it. It qwas super cool. We tried to bring one of our progressing investigators but we wasnt there so we couldnt find him at all. Kinda hard to work with that kid but we hope to get him baptized and them after his family to see his example and get baptized also. We hope at least.For p day we woke up and left at 6 in the morning to cusco and got home at 9ish. It was a super long and tiring day haha. But I definitely know the spirit was there this whole week. The baptism we went too was amazing and two little kids were baptized, they shared sweet and short testimonies at the end and it was just an eye opener to see what the gospel really does and how it can change people for the better. I love you all and miss you all tons. chao my friends and family. I love every single one of you.
Elder Clawson

This is a fun video of Jake and Elder Chamberlain on Sunday with their homemade cookies and the cute husband and wife that Jake and his companion live with.  She does all of their cooking and laundry, and the two missionaries live in an extra room on this family's home.

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