Monday, February 23, 2015

I Felt Like A Primary Teacher

This is the some of the missionaries in Jed's district, but the young man to Jed's right (in the middle) is leaving on a mission this week.  
Dearest Family!!!
Well this has been another happy week full of stuff. We've been super busy with more exchanges, So last Monday we went over to the Gostorani family and had FHE with them which was super awesome. I made Helen's Brownies (Here's the link to the recipe!) for them and they all thought I was the hottest chef in town! Just kidding, but they did like the brownies. 

Tuesday was kinda just busy with stuff. We had district meeting and tons of other stuff going on and we were all just very occupied with busy work and errands. We had a lesson with our investigator named Florenc and we taught the Plan of Salvation which went pretty well. He had lots of questions about it which was good. He is super into psychology and stuff and he has some weird ideas about life so I don't know if that's a psychology thing or what but he is very interesting.
The next day we went and did service at a member's home. We dug a big hole for him and such and made a canal for water run off because he was having some water issues in his house from all the rain that had been coming in. It was super fun and then afterwards his mom made us lunch and fed us. AND SHE POISONED ME!! Right in the middle of lunch I got hit with a huge stomachache and had to go home. I just got in bed and fell asleep while Elder Braden talked with our Landlord about our house. We've been having some troubles with our power and our heaters ever since I got here so we have been trying to work it out with him but nothing has been getting done so I guess we're just leaving the house this week. The conversation kinda turned into an argument with him and Elder Braden and I just watched the whole thing from my bed. In the end the landlord said that he was offended and that he would never speak with Elder Braden again and that he would only speak with me. I just looked at him from my bed and smiled as nicely as I could.
Thursday we had an all day exchange with the other Elders in our ward. We met with some of their investigators and just went finding in their area. It was a good day for finding because the weather has been super great lately and we were very excited to be out finding in the sunshine. Nothing else crazy really happened.
Friday we were on another all day exchange with the Elders in 4th ward. We went finding a lot and I spent the day with Elder Simons. We did tons of finding and got lots of numbers from people that looked promising so we are hoping that something good comes out of all that.
The next day we had a district comp study which was fun. We just all meet together and talk about what we've studied and see if we can help answer everyone's questions. It is an awesome learning experience. After that we had a mission correlation meeting. That went great and then later on in the day we were having a surprise party for Trazhgim because he is leaving for his mission in a couple days. Elder Braden and I made Cinnamon Roll and Apple Pie Byreke which was to die for. Everyone loved it. Later on we had a lesson with a less active family and I played games with their daughter and taught the Restoration as a review for everyone. When we were walking back from that lesson I saw a bunch of boys walking towards us and the one closest to us looked familiar. I grabbed his arm and he saw me and said "CLAWSON!!" It was Fatjon! You all probably don't remember him but about a year ago with Elder Eliason we were teaching those two golden boys that were looking for work and they found jobs and we couldn't meet with them again! We hugged and saw how each other was doing and then I gave him my number and he's gonna call us this coming week hopefully. It was awesome!
Not sure what this is from, but it looks like fun!
Sunday came along and so did a new investigator that we found. I sat by him during church and he was being very naughty. He was making tons of noise and just being a distraction. And then the sacrament came around and he started laughing. So Elder Penrod and I escorted him out of the church and told him to come back when he was ready to be respectful. I felt like a Primary Teacher. After church we had lunch and Mission Prep Class. We had a lesson with another family which went well. We are working on their dad to get baptized. It'll happen. 
P-day soccer.

Sheep of Albania.

Dinner with a very nice family!
But the highlight of my week was last night at 7 o'clock. So I've been talking to the owner of the Rock Climbing Gym here and he is part of another Christian organization, kinda like a missionary but more laid back and just focusing on having people create their own relationship with God. So twice a month he meets with a bunch of other people at their home and they have a thing that they call "Wine and a Spiritual Thought". AND HE INVITED US LAST NIGHT!! The owner's name is Dan and we met up with him last night and went to his friends house. It was Elder Braden and I, Dan, Dave and Lynn from England that have been living in Albania for a long time, Toni and Ida who are Albanian and married, and then Ermal who is Dave's psychiatrist. Lynn had made us all dinner which was AWESOME!! Curry, some kind of chicken, and coconut rice with nan! It was heaven. As we ate and they drank their wine, we drank sparkling water, and we talked about faith in Jesus Christ. It was a great time. I felt the Spirit so much last night. Elder Braden didn't talk a whole lot but I was just a chatty kathy talking about things that have helped us on our missions and asking questions and all kinds of stuff. Then Dan asked a question about the Book of Mormon which opened up the opportunity that I was waiting for. I talked a bit about the Restoration and Joseph Smith.  We left super happy and they told us that we were invited over whenever we wanted to come! I loved it. I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He is our Savior.
Today I went to LaƧ with the Sisters and a newly baptized member. Her name is Ona and she invited us over to her home. We went there and had a good time at her farm and ate tons of food! Like too much food. It was nuts. That took up the whole day so yeah!

I love you all! Have a good week and be safe!
Love, Jed
Dearest Mother, 
Well now my card says that I have a money limit and that I exceed it. So I don't know what is up with it. Thank you for emailing me about everyone's doings. Tell everyone that I said hi and that I love them. I love you!!
Love, Jedediah

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