Sunday, February 8, 2015

Happy And Rainy Week

Jan. 26, 2015 email 
Hello everyone!!

Well this week was a good one. Not too much went on but it was still a happy and super rainy week. 

So last Monday I kinda just finished the whole day with lots of street contacting. We stopped a few people and we were able to talk with a few but no one wants to learn about God! Oh well. 

The next day we had District Meeting and then we had two lessons planned with some numbers that we had gotten from the road. Unfortunately they both didn't show up so either they were busy or they didn't really want to learn. Hopefully the first. Then we had our English Course. That's the one thing that we can totally count on happening every week. Our class is pretty good but only the girls want to learn more about the church so then we have to hand them off to the sisters. The sisters are doing super good though! Afterwards I went on an exchange with Elder Penrod which was pretty good. 

We started out the next day with lots of finding and we had tons of success! It was fantastic. We contacted by that big Pyramid in Tirana and tons of people stopped and talked to us. Probably because it was a nice warm day outside. But then after that we went and had a lesson with a young man named Hermes who is less active. He is a really good kid and wants to do the right thing but is just a little lazy on Sundays.(Who isn't!) We taught him about the Priesthood and the importance of it so that we can bless the lives of others by exercising it worthily. After that we just kept on street contacting and it went well. Then I had to meet up with Elder Braden again and go exchange with the elders in 4th ward. I went with Elder Simons that night and we worked in 3rd Ward the next day. 

We went finding again at the Pyramid and it was fantastic again! Lots of people stopped and talked to us and we got plenty of people's numbers. The sisters also gave us a referral that day for a guy named Kelton that works at a restaurant that they eat at quite often. So we had a lesson with him that night and taught him a bunch about the Book of Mormon and also some English. We have really high hopes for him. He seems like a good kid. After that we had our English Course and that was good too. We also had a lesson with a less active named Elton and he is awesome. We talked about the Priesthood with him and how he can use it to bless his family. That was a super good lesson. 

We exchanged back with the others that night and then started off to 3rd Ward. We did our weekly planning that morning and then had a meeting with Ersi and one of his friends that's an investigator. He then fed us which was super nice of him and then we left to go meet the D. family. They are awesome! It's a mom and her two sons that are baptized and then her husband isn't. So we are trying super hard to try and get him to be baptized. The two sons have both served missions and are both married in the temple. One of them lives in Seattle and is married to one of the Albanian teachers that used to work in the MTC. So we had a lesson with the Mom and the Dad and it was great. We talked a lot about our families and what not and they loved it. Afterwards we invited the father to start reading the Book of Mormon and to pray about it. He said he would so we'll see where he is when we go back. 

Saturday we had a baptism! The sisters baptized this adorable girl named Florinda. She's 10 years old and super energetic. Once again, no one knows how to fill up the Tirana font so I had to do it. Back to my old Tirana duties. So therefore we spent tons of time filling up the font and then we had a great time watching the baptism. Afterwards we went and did some street contacting, had some lessons not show up, and then we did more street contacting. 

Sunday was a good day. I woke up super sick and basically felt like death all day. I made it through church, and then through lunch and I then I took a killer nap. We woke up and had a meeting with Trazhgim, who is preparing for his mission. He needed some help with some visa stuff so we helped him out with that and then we went and met with a guy named Genc Cuci. He is on the High Council and we decided to pay him a visit. He is super awesome and super smart. We learned a lot from him. After that we just got the numbers from the zone and then I went to bed. 

Today I got a hair cut and went bowling. It was pretty fun even though I didn't win. Ah well. 

Well I'm sorry it's not super fantastic this week but my spirits are getting a little down with the lack of work and all of this rain so hopefully something will change soon. We're trying super hard. 

I hope you all have a killer time in Sun Valley this week! Tell Grandma and Grandpa that I said hey. I love you guys so much! 

Love, Jed

Dearest Mother, 
First things first, I don't think you've fixed my debit card yet. So Kelbie got married?!!? To who? Well I hope everything is going well. Thanks for all the little stories that you put in the email. They always make me laugh a bit. I love you! Have a good week! 

Love, Jedi

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