Monday, November 25, 2013

We Were Booming With The Spirit

It's the FAM!!! 

So Elder M. and I had a very enjoyable week. I'm sorry but all these weeks are just blurring together. It's pretty messed up. But one thing that hasn't changed is my language abilities!! This language sucks at times. It's all cool sounding and stuff but it's only cool if you can speak it fluently. 

The Mishies as Jed put's it.  
Anyways, last week we had two lessons set up in the morning on Tuesday and both of them didn't show up so obviously we went out finding like we always do. We had been out for like 5 minutes on the sidewalk and then this guy comes up to us and I could see that he recognized one of us. Eventually I realized that he was looking at Elder M. They started talking and I caught that they had met on a bus in the upper area of Tirana and Elder M. didn't have enough money to pay for the bus and this guy had been next to him and just paid for his bus ticket. 

We talked for a little bit in the road and then we invited him to come sit with us for a lesson and he said yes. That in itself is a miracle. People always say that they either have work or something. We walked to the church and prayed and began the lesson. When we usually teach the intro lesson we read the last two paragraphs of the introduction of the Book of Mormon. They basically just say that "Everyone in the world is invited to read this book and to pray to know if it's true or if it isn't." So we read that with him and afterwards we asked him how he felt. Right then he said, "I can feel that this book is true." I was just like, YOU GOT THAT RIGHT SON!!! Just kidding, I didn't say that. 

Jed's favorite food on the planet is crepes.  We may never get him to come home if he has to leave his favorite crepery.
Elder M. and I both just simply bore our testimonies and told how we felt about the Book of Mormon and our investigator got all giddy! So basically we got a great new investigator. He turns his phone off quite often because he doesn't have a lot of money. So we are going to try really hard to get him into our weekly schedule because he was awesome. His names Samir which basically translates to "How good". Kinda weird but we like it. 

A member in Jed's branch.
So we had the lesson with him and then we went back out onto the street because we had a little bit more time. And we were pumped from the previous lesson so the first guy I stop is smoking a joint and I basically just invited him to come walk to the church with us. He was just like "Ok." So we had a lesson with him and he asked lots of really good questions which we like because then we don't feel like we're talking to a wall. We gave him a book and he told us that he was interested in learning about more prophets and stuff. So yeah that was two new investigators in as many hours. It was a very productive morning and we were booming with the Spirit.

Last week I talked about the girl Malvina that we had such high hopes for. She's kinda shut us down now. My hopes and dreams were dashed into a thousand tiny, sad, lonely pieces of my heart. Oh well. We'll keep trying. Hopefully we'll see her in the street at sometime. 

Fire truck outside Jed's apt. last night:) 
One other cool thing that happened this week was that last night, the roof of our building caught on fire. There were firetrucks and stuff parked outside shooting water into the top of our building which was cool but inside my brain, I was just thinking, "Freak. My house is gonna burn down." But fortunately they let us into our house while they were watering it down so I guess there wasn't too big of a risk of the fire spreading. We went outside for a second to go see if they'd put it out and stuff. As we were walking back into the house this young lady came out of her door and watched Elder M. go inside and then she looked at me and asked me if I wanted to come in. I said I'd need my friend first and she just said "No, you. Come inside. There's smoke out here." And she kept motioning me into her house so I basically just kindly declined and went into my nice quaint little home. Kinda weird. 

Well it sounds like your guys' week has been full of cool stuff. Thanks for sending another package!! I'm super excited to receive it. So I have some suggestions for my Christmas package if that's okay. 

More buttery pretzels,
The scarf that Lydia made for me,
More Brownies,
More seeds,
New zit tool, Mine was destroyed. 
Kirsten's red tie that I forgot at home. 
 and what ever you want. But thank you so much. 

Love, Jed

Dear Mother,
Dad told me of your concern for me. Don't worry I'm doing fine and I'm staying safe. I'm happy and healthy also. So are you guys chopping down a tree from the forest like usual again? Nice new vaccum by the way. It looks fancy. I love you and miss you so much!! Have fun this week. 
Love, Jed

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