Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Best Voice In The Ward!

April 23, 2017 email

Hello my beloved family! This week was full of miracles and fun. We have been struggling to find new investigators this week, but the ones that we do have are progressing really well:) I'll share about one of our investigators to start off. It will help this weeks title make more sense. Our investigator Liu JM had an even huge-er change this week. We taught her about repentance and it literally changed her life. She got so touched and realized that she had been repenting wrong her whole life. She left the lesson with a huge smile, and said, "I'm going to go home and REPENT!" Perfect! hahha I was super touched. I am so grateful for repentance. It's just like white out! We can literally become clean through our savior Jesus Christ. Liu JM also really understood the restoration and why she needed to be baptized again. She full heartedly set a baptismal date and agreed to come to church this week!

This is definitely not Chinese food.  It is my FAVORITE Thai Green Papaya Salad!!!!  YUMMY!!!

Church was definitely the funnest part. She came in in a wool dress and Electric blue heels. She is a little crazy. Just a little. :) But anyways she loved sacrament and class after, but the best part by far was Relief society! She was so dang giddy to start! We sang the opening song," There is sunshine in my soul today." She FLIPPED! Literally jumping up and down as she sang. I had to muster up everything I had to not die laughing! Relief Society ended up being a bunch of giggling old women this sunday:) It really lifted the spirit of our meeting a lot actually:) Liu JM was a huge blessing:) She sang at the top of her lungs. It was just a sweet reminder that we should all sing like that more often! We are members of the Restored Gospel. We should be the most happy jolly joyous people in the whole world!
Grateful for Liu JM:)

This past week really was a lot of fun. For Pday we went to a huge park and all played capture the flag together! It was so fun! Good, Clean fun:) haha.

Wang Ba.  The older gentleman and Emma had a deep discussion about MacGyver!  Who doesn't love MacGyver?!
This week we also had the awesome opportunity to help DEEP clean our church. We have a member named Wang ba that is about 70 years old that reminds me so much of Dad. We had an awesome time cleaning together and talking about MacGyver:) Dad You'd love him!

This week we also went to a magical place called Dulan to plan some new young men and young women activities with the young men and young women's presidents. They literally live in the mountains.. We made plans with them to start getting mutual activities organized and then we got to meet their friend Olivaro from spain! He was so cool!!!! He was really curious about the Book of Mormon, We shared with him the story of how Nephi built a ship, because he really likes to build ships too. :)
It was a cool experience. We are going back to their house today to help them build a roof.

Emma's investigator and her cute daughter.
Zhang Yue Mei is doing sooo good:):) Agh! My heart is just bursting! I love her so dang much. She spur of the moment went to taipei this week with her son but called us the day before she left and said," I have to reschedule our appointment to tomorrow morning!!!! I have to report on Alma 32 before I go to Taipei!" It was so dang cute:) She gets more and more excited about the gospel every time we meet with her:)

Agh! this stuff is all so good and its so true:)

This week my testimony of the Plan of Salvation really grew a lot! We had to help out with a funeral of a member in our ward this week. It was really hard to see so many people so sad, but so wonderful to hear all the testimonies of the plan of Salvation. Families really can be together forever, I know that sometimes that term is almost impossible for us to grasp right now, but we just have to keep having faith and really trust in our feeling of warmth and peace that come straight from the spirit telling us that this stuff is all true:)

Fun activity with the Ward.

Happy Birthday Sister Lin!!

I love being a missionary so dang much!
have the bestest week!

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