Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Guided Safely Home

April 27, 2015 email

Dearest Familja, 

So I got back pretty late from an AWESOME P-day activity so unfortunately this will be a tad bit short but it should still be good. I don't have tons to say but we saw some good success this week that made us all super happy. 
Wow!!  Beautiful place!

So I guess I'll start with Filip, the main man. We've been meeting with him almost everyday this week and our lessons have been awesome. We just share a scripture and he just reads it in Greek and then basically teaches us on what he thinks about it. And he always has the best insights to the Gospel. We have just been trying so hard to get him off of smoking. He is such an awesome guy and he tells us all the time that he just wants to get baptized as soon as possible. Just pray for him to get rid of smoking this week. This is the only thing that is hindering his progress and then he is a free man!

We had a lesson with him though last night and we watched "Guided Safely Home" by Pres. Monson and we actually were able to find it translated in Greek so that made us super happy campers. After we bore our testimonies on the Atonement and the love of God and it was just an amazing lesson in general.
I LOVE this picture!!  Elder Clawson standing on the corner eating something tasty, in a very foreign place:)
Our other guy is Emiljano. He is slowly making progress. We met a few times this week and he is slowly starting to understand the truthfulness of the church. We talked a lot about the Plan of Salvation this week because he said that he didn't want to have eternal life. What? And so we explained that this was the best gift that anyone could give us. Eternal happiness and life. And so we kinda just explained all of that and such. We also had a lesson on "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto these, ye have done it unto me" and we watched an awesome Bible Video and Emiljano was bawling at the end of it. And he ain't no emotional guy. So yeah it was successful. 

P-day activity.  
Gentjan is doing fantastic as well! He gave the lesson in Priesthood yesterday and it was super good. He blows my mind. He is such a strong guy and he loves the Gospel. Also we have another RC named Ilirjan who is also great. His wife has some really bad health problems though and so that effects how many times we can get to talk with him. Hopefully we can help him out. 

Elder Price and Elder Clawson

This looks lovely!  Elder Clawson and Elder Befus.

Crepes or Suflage with Elder Dahl and Elder Clawson.
Well that is about it for this week. Today I went to Gjirokaster, Syri Kalter, and Sarande. Super fun day but super long and so I'll fill you all more in next week when I got the time. I love you all and I hope you all have a fun week! 

Love, Jed
I have no idea where p-day was today, but it is BEAUTIFUL!  Can't wait to find out next week!

Dearest Mother, 
Tell Jane and Seth to calm down! Sounds like everyone is getting all OCD on us and that doesn't sound fun. Tell Paul way to go on his mission call! I'm sorry to hear that him and Joe won't see each other for such a long time. Let everyone know that I love them! Good luck with the new radio advertisement, I'm sure it'll go great. I love you Mom!

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