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Lots Of Driving

Nov. 18, 2014 letter
Well my family, 

I don't have a whole lot to talk about this week because I was out of my area for a lot of it with a mission conference but that doesn't mean that I didn't have a fantastic week!

So monday was good and we met with Suad and taught him about the Bible a bit more and he really liked. That was about it for that day. The following morning we decided to have a quick district meeting and then we did service. Later on in the day we met with Betim and Suad together and talked about Christ appearing to Thomas after he mentions that he won't believe unless he sees for himself. They really liked that lesson and they both speak pretty good english so we were able to watch the Bible Video with them and they loved that. A bit later we had our English Course class. Our class loves us to death. We get them all laughing and having a good time. They just don't want to really talk about the church all that much. Our spiritual thoughts are always pretty good and they participate all the time and give pretty good comments. But then they say 'Yeah we like this but our parents are Muslim so we can't learn about this church.' 

Lots of meeting and conferences this week.

Nice parking job Elders.
The next day we had a killer day set up and planned but all of the people that we had planned to meet with decided to ditch us. We also rode a bus to Gjakova early in the morning to get the mission car that is there, and then we drove back to Prishtina in that because our car was still in the shop and so we got permission to use theirs. We got to Prishtina and then found out that our car, which was in the shop, was actually done and being washed at that moment so we had done it all for no reason. But we took the other car anyways because it was automatic and Elder Jorgensen could drive it. We left and didn't get the chance to meet with anyone but we got to go finding which was good. At about 3 in the afternoon we headed down to Tirana with the other Elders and had a good long drive in the dark because it gets dark at like 4 here. We got there, got a suflaqe and then dropped them off at the AP's house and we drove to Elder Acheson and Elder Richard's house. I did want to go visit some members like Eli, Evi, and Sam but I didn't get the chance because Eli said it was too late and Evi and Sam were too far away for us to go. So we just chilled with the other elders and talked about life. 

Elder Clawson and a cute little kid from church.
The next morning we woke up and Elder Jorgensen and I picked up Elder Smoot and Elder Walley and we drove them to Durrës where we were having our meeting with Elder Dyches. The whole mission was there and I didn't know like half of the people. They were all so new and it was weird seeing them all. Maybe I'll get acquainted with them a bit later. But the Mission Conference was really good and Elder Dyches and his wife gave us some great trainings. After that we ate lunch together and had a good time just chatting with everyone. It ended at about 3ish and then the Gjakova elders told us that they needed to take their car back to Kosovo and Elder Jorgensen and I had to stay overnight again because we had MLC the following day at the mission office. So we drove back to Tirana in the big mission van with Elder Rawlings and Ostergaard, Sister White, Sister Davis, Elder Asler, Elder Wright, and Elder Opper. That was a pretty crazy ride. Then I had to drive the big van, Big Blue, back to Durrës and get a bunch of stuff loaded into the back of the van. Unfortunately I wasn't able to meet anyone in Durrës either. Kinda sucked. But I got to call Ersi but he didn't answer so I just talked with his mom instead. We drove back to Tirana dropped off all of the stuff and helped the Assistants set up for MLC for the next day. Then we got to drive the Golden Astra to the Tirana Zone Leaders house because we were staying with them. So I just wanna say that two of my mission goals were recognized in one day. I got to drive big blue and the golden astra. The best cars in the mission I say. 

Elder Clawson, and Elder Jorgensen's English class.
That night we stayed with Elder Rawlings and Elder Ostergaard and that was a good time. I slept in Elder Rawlings' bed that night because it's really big and it feels like a dream. We woke up the next morning and headed out to MLC. Elder Dyches gave us a wonderful training on how to take responsibility and it was fantastic. We all learned something from that. We presented our zone goals and stuff and then we all ate lunch together. Right after that we said goodbye to everyone and drove back to Kosovo with the Tooleys. They are the senior couple in Gjakova and we love them. They are pretty darn funny and they were giving me some great marriage advice the whole time. I learned a lot about what I need to look for in a future wife. We got into Kosovo and the Tooleys had to drop us off in Gjakova because they didn't have time to go to Prishtina. Once again, we took the Gjakova elders car to Prishtina and then we got home just in time to get to bed. 

A lot of driving this week.

The next morning we drove with Elder McGrath and Stewart in two cars, ours and the Gjakova elders (Gengar and Bathsheeba are their names. Mine is Bathsheeba.) and we went to Gjakova and then quickly returned home. Not much happened on Saturday but we did have a lesson with Ajdin. We taught him about the 10 Commandments and about Reading and Praying Often. He really picked it up and committed to read more and to pray about Joseph Smith. At the end of the lesson we got on our knees and he was the one to give the prayer. He asked right then and there if Joseph Smith was a prophet that helped restore the church. We finished the prayer and he said that he felt really happy! Sweetness! After all that we were actually able to give him a blessing because he is really sick. He works all the time and never gets a break and it just kills him and he doesn't have time to just relax. It was a good opportunity for me to give a blessing. It had been a while and I really enjoy it. At the end of the blessing he was super calm and said thank you and then went on his way. It was so great. 

Elder Stewart's broccoli pizza.  Jed said it was good:)
Yesterday Ajdin went to the hospital to see if there was anything they could help with so he couldn't come to church and Nezir had told us before that he was gonna be in his fshat working on his orchards. So we had no one to really sit by in church. Elder Jorgensen and Sister Favero gave some great talks that really made us think. After that we had lunch which was some super good spaghetti. Then we spent the rest of the day finding. Good stuff. 

Today Elder Jorgensen and I did yoga. I am getting super flexible. Its AWESOME!!! Then we went with one of the counselors in the Branch Presidency to go get some visa stuff done because he is pretty influential in the political area of life. We got a bit closer to getting visas so hopefully that will pan out. Afterwards we got haircuts..... And we like them. 

A little Christmas cheer in Kosovo
This week I'm going to end by letting you all know what a miracle it is to have the Priesthood here on the earth. I know that it is power given to us from God, to act in His name and do His will. It blesses everyone and I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to be a Priesthood Holder. GOD LOVES US!

Well I love you guys. Have a great week and I hope Jake stops wrestling so you can all go skiing. Loves!!

Love, Jed

Dearest Mother, 
That Christmas tree looks great! We put one up in our bedroom this last week but we are gonna get a real one pretty soon. Probably the P-Day after Thanksgiving. We are pretty excited for Christmas. Oh and don't worry about sending a package. I'll be fine with being here this Christmas!! Save the money. 

So how much snow actually fell at home? Has it been snowing in the mountains a lot? Have a good week mom! I love you!

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