Monday, March 17, 2014

Way To Go Boys!

Hello Starshine! The Earth says "Hello!" 

Well this was the week that Elder Eliason took control of 2nd Ward!! (yes, due to the new formation of the Albania Tirana Stake, I am now serving in a ward.) And even though it wasn't the most successful week,(not due to Elder Eliason) we still had some good experiences that helped us grow and we felt accomplished at the weeks end. 

So the week started out with us going to the church Monday night to find Hermes and Fatjon. (the 2 young men Jed and Elder Eliason have been teaching.) Only Fatjon was at the church so we decided to take him to the Institute Building and got him introduced to the Winders (A senior couple who are kind of like the best grandparents to all the missionaries, and youth in Albania!)and all of the other kids that were there having a blast. Unfortunately he couldn't stay for the whole time because he had another appointment. Right as we were leaving I got a call from a couple of the 4th Ward Elders saying that Hermes was at the church waiting for someone. Albanians are always late! But hey that's okay because sometimes I'm late too. (Um can I just say as Elder Clawson's mother that he was ALWAYS late to everything!)

Missionaries with their Day of Summer bracelets they made.  Mar. 14th is the day the Albanians celebrate the coming of Summer.  It's  called Day of Summer or Albanian Summer Festival.
We went back to the church and helped Fatjon on his way. We stayed at the church and talked with Hermes for a little bit. We asked if we could show him where the Institute Center was and he said that he couldn't make it all the way there because he was having some problems with his feet. I guess his shoes had been hurting him for awhile and it had gotten so bad that he was walking with a limp. He described the inside of his shoes as a "salad". I don't know exactly what that means, but from my personal perspective, I don't think it'd be the funnest thing to be walking around on salad all day. At that moment, I remembered that either Elder Anderson or Elder Matson (2 previous companions who have both returned home now.  Thanks Elder Matson and Anderson!) had left a pair of shoes in the house that looked like they were the same size as Hermes' feet. So we ran to my house and got the pair of shoes and then we ran back and gave them to Hermes. We shared a spiritual thought and then he left to get to his house. He said that words couldn't express the gratitude that was in his heart. We had set up a lesson for the next day with them at the church. 

Can you tell these boys are still only 18 years old.  Sometimes I'm amazed at what they do as missionaries, and then other times I'm reminded they are still adorable teenagers:)  This is just a little peak at their P-Day activity today.

Unfortunately the next day we waited for about half an hour before I went to Taivani on a split with Elder Tanner. We had plans to meet another investigator. All in all, the Taivani investigator didn't show up and neither did the boys. And it hard because neither of them have phones so we have no way of contacting them. I was hoping that we would see them at church yesterday but unfortunately they didn't come. Hopefully next week!! 

Elder Eliason did a fantastic job this week in leading the lessons that we had, and in leading all of the planning situations. I think he is ready to leave his Master. Master Jedi Clawson. 

Yes, I got sick this last week. I was smashed with a really bad cold that had me laid out early Wednesday night until the next day when I sought a blessing from Elder Eliason and Elder Tanner. I got a blessing because I've actually been sick a lot recently. I didn't wanna say anything last week, but I got a case of bad food poisoning and I was throwing up for a couple of days. But I'm all better now!! I requested that my blessing be given in Albanian, seeing as Elder Eliason hadn't given an Albanian blessing before. He did a fantastic job and I was very proud of him. 

Smores Albanian style.  I don't see any chocolate or grahams though:)
Saturday, I was on a split with Elder Baldwin in his area. We waited on some lessons that never showed up and we also had some member lessons. We met with one guy that I've met with a lot before. It was Elder Baldwin's second time meeting with him so it was good to get to talk to him again. He talks to me about the Tour de France, Super Bike Racing, mountain biking events, and all kinds of other things. Then he asked us to give him just a blessing of comfort. Elder Baldwin gave it to him and he did a great job as well. WAY TO GO BOYS!! 

(This is just some sad family news. Just dogs, but a big part of Jed's life growing up.  You can skip the gory details.)I will say that a lot of the letters that I got this week were kinda sad and dreary. I'm sorry to hear Annie passed away. I think you guys loved her more than you loved Gus by the way you talk about her. But yes, you should probably put Lucy down if she's not feeling great. I give you permission. Even though she and Gus were basically 2 large pieces of my childhood and it breaks my heart to have them both leave, she shouldn't be suffering. I remember the morning we got Gus and the night we got Lucy! And then I remember that one ridiculous time where Gus got that palsey thing in his face and he looked so funny! Good times. 

Jed's district today for P-Day.  They went to Kruje Castle

This week I saw how the Spirit of the Lord works through his called servants. Elder Eliason really was strengthened this week and it was amazing to see. I've seen a change in myself and almost all of the other missionaries that were in the MTC with me. They've become hard workers, good friends, and fantastic missionaries. It's pretty cool. 

I love you all very much and I hope you enjoy this coming week!

Love, Jed

Dear Mom,

Well I don't think the boys(Fatji and Hermes) are getting baptized at the end of the month. They would need their interview this week and they still haven't received all of the lessons. Hopefully we can find a way to get in contact with them. By the way, I'm moving out of my house because we've been having some problems with the one we live in right now. Like someone stole our door handle, the hot water leaks everywhere, the shower leaks like no one's business, and our faucet blew up on Saturday night. We're planning on being in a new house within 48 hours. One of the benefits of getting a new house in Albania. 

Love ya tons! 

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