Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines from Elder Clawson

Hello Family in Utah!! 

I'm stoked to hear that the church is true and Utah got dumped on with snow and stuff!! Fasting and prayer definitely works miracles. God loves us and always wants us to be happy. 
Jed and a few elders from his MTC group.

So this week was basically just a normal week full of spiritual experiences and laughing children with butterflies flying around their cute little faces. Ha, just kidding. We did have spiritual experiences but no cute children with butterflies. 
A fun note from Evi at church for Elder Kllasen.

So the week started out with lessons with recent converts and less active members. Emanuela has been doing fantastic! (A great investigator they found last week.) Helga unfortunately hasn't been able to meet with us since that last meeting that we had the week before last. But we did also realize that these kids (both girls are students) really need to study if they want to pass their tests and exams.
Remember, 24 Love + 32 = 56

We taught Emanuela about the Plan of Salvation, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Word of Wisdom this week. She has been accepting everything that we are teaching but I don't know if she's really received that sturdy testimony of the Book of Mormon yet which is vital for conversion. She knows that prayer is a direct conversation with God and she gives some of the greatest prayers that I've ever heard. She's still kinda iffy on her baptismal date but we are really hoping to get a date solidified either tomorrow or tonight depending on her study schedule. She is very willing to accept our principles and the only thing that is kinda hindering us is her parents. They don't have any religious background except Islam and they are kinda against her getting baptized into another church. She's 19 years old so she can legally make the decision on her own, but she just really likes her parents and respects their opinion. But she thinks they'll say yes when she catches them in a really good mood. 
Jed and Elder Eliason with the Motra's (sister missionaries) teaching an investigator.

The park where Jed does a lot of contacting.

That's been all of our investigator points of view. We've been meeting with Evi (a young man that was baptized just recently) almost every day teaching him the retention lessons. He's going to Seminary with Sam every single morning and he is getting so good with all of these gospel principles. He gave a talk in church yesterday on baptism and he did a fantastic job. It was only like 5 minutes long but he shared scriptures and shared a beautiful testimony of how baptism helps us get closer to God. I also got to meet with the Juba Family this week which was good seeing as I haven't been able to meet with them for quite a while. 
A meal prepared at home for Elder Clawson and Elder Eliason.  I hope they invited friends over to eat all those hot dogs.  But I'm afraid I only see two place settings.
Last night I also got to go to a lesson with the Special Assignment Elders, and we visited a man in my branch named Alli.  He's such a good guy but the only thing that is holding him back from holding the Melchezidek Priesthood is the fact that he has trouble with smoking. We had a great lesson on how God can help us do anything if it's in compliance with his will. 
Lunch with Elder Baker from Jed's MTC group.

And by the way, the Dart's already had a dog named Annie. Why didn't you name her Mrs. Roach, or Shrimp Toast, or Gus? I will say she looks like a great dog. I like how she's shaggy like Gus was too. Will we shave her or what? Tell Fred thanks and that I like his double chin. 

I hope you are all enjoying the Olympics and tell me how all the skiing stuff goes. Not a lot of Albanians watch it. I hope Dad had a wonderful birthday, I celebrated by going to Qebabtore Gjakova with Elder Baker and Elder Baldwin. Baker came down for a Branch Presidency training with his companion and their Branch Pres..  Elder Baker came out to lunch with us. 

Well sorry it wasn't the most eventful week but it's all I got. I love you all so much!!

Love, Jed

Dear Mother,
I hope you all have a fun week with Valentines Day! How much snow did Basin get? Thanks for the email this week. I hope Annie feels at home and I hope she doesn't kill Lucy. You're the best mom ever and I love you so much!

Love, Jed

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