Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Oct. 14, 2013

Long day of missionary work.

Hello Family!!

Wow 417 lbs. of apples?! That's ridiculous! And yes I'm super frustrated that I wouldn't be there when you make the juice! I loved the stuff that Fred and Rach gave us and yes, according to Fred it would give anyone a bad case of tummy aches. They actually emailed me this week and it was way fun to talk to them. Tell Spencer, Good Luck in Canada. And I totally remember when Ty left!! It's nuts.

So the weather here hasn't been too cold and I've actually been cooking in my suit most days. It's ridiculously humid here all the time. It's starting to rain a whole lot more often though which kind of changes things up. I actually explained to Elder Foster what Tomatillos were and he was flabber gasted at how I described them. I told them they grow like tomatoes but they start out growing in these Chinese Paper lanterns and so I just thought that was funny how you happened to bring that up.
Well I hope the boys have a good time in North Dakota!! Tell them to give Farmer Jim a nice firm handshake for me.

I would love some chocolates in the mail! I haven't received any mail yet so I'm anticipating some good stuff. But if I don't get anything thats okay. But yeah Kirsten has been super busy and she's actually doing some way cool things later this next year but I'll let her tell you about that stuff when she comes out to the house.

So this week regarding lessons and my investigators, it wasn't the best week but it was still productive. We did a ton of finding on the street and we got a few new potentials and I got man handled by a girl about my age, maybe a little older and so I just sat inside for a little bit and tried to forget the experience.

Pday activities.
We taught our investigator Deacon Anthony last night and he came to the lesson straight from his church in his robes so that was pretty gnarly. He told me last night how impressed he was with me and how young I am serving in a foreign country. He really respects the fact that I have come here and left you all at home. He's a cool guy.

So one of our investigators, Bledi, was kinda brought back from the dead the other day. He told us he wanted to start meeting us again and that he wants his family to meet with us now. SWEET!! That made our week a lot better.

We went to the beach today and I almost fell in as we were climbing on some rocks. We caught some crabs and had a fun time jumping around and then we went and got some ice cream. AND WE GOT ATTACKED BY THE SAME  GYPSY KID AGAIN!!!!! But this time he only went to me and the zone leaders. They came up from Lushnjë to hang with us today. Elder K and Elder B. Nice guys. But I was the one that finally took action and I just yelled "IK!!" and then I picked him up by his shoulders, ran back to a palapa thing, dropped him and took off sprinting with everyone else and he couldn't catch up. I was sick of that kid.

Tell everyone that I love them. Give Jane a wet one on the cheek for me. Tell SETH to email me! I want to hear how everythings going with him. I love you all so much and miss you. This church is true!! Oh and sorry to hear about how our whole government thing isn't really working out. That's why I should go into the CIA for my future occupation. I can fix this kind of stuff. Just pay the right people.

Speaking of paying the right people, I found out that a lot of Albanians think that the missionaries are drug dealers. Or JWs. They both aren't good things to be here.
Let all the Grandma and Grandpa's know that I think about them often and that I love them. Especially Grandpa Garner. I miss our Jetskiing and Bear Lake days together.

I love you all!!

Love, Elder Jed

Dearest Mother,
I really wish it was as cold as home right now. I am cooking as we speak. I don't really need anything special. Just put some money into my personal account every now and then and I'll buy what I need cuz everything here is ridiculously cheap. I met a Mafia guy that told me when I get off the mish, he can help me get a cheap motorcycle with his foreign "importing business". He' s one of our potential investigators we met this week. I love you so much. Have fun in Salt Lake with the girls. Go to Binghams Cyclery and right by it is Brugës waffles that me and Kirsten always went to. It's way good. Loves!

Love, Jed

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